Thursday, March 09, 2006

Web Sites and Voltaire Plays

With the World turning upside down all too rapidly, it is not surprising to see France moving to the forefront of European anti-dhimmitiude, even as Jean-Marie Le Pen allies with Islam against Jooooooooos.
A play by Voltaire : "Fanaticism, or Mahomet the Prophet" was NOT banned in a French town. The Mayor showed spine and called in police instead! Voltaire, a figurehead of the Enlightenment, the man who said "I disapprove of what you say but I will die for your right to say it" is naturally offensive to Muslims.
After "pleading" with authorities, Muslims resorted to rioting which the Mayor described as "quasi-insurrectional". It pays to note that prominent "moderate" Tariq Ramadan was opposed to the staging of the play.
This follows the censoring of a Marlowe play in Britain due to content that was offensive to Muslims. Other attacks on European culture include calls for destruction of Renaissance frescoes which depict Mohammad in hell, a scene from Dante's Inferno presumably also offensive to Muslims.
It is not just about cartoons. It is about our whole culture. The sooner we realise this and stop retreating the better.
More disturbing things on the horizon: Gleefully, bending over since the Madrid bombings, Dhimmi Spain joins with moderate-key-ally-in-the-GWOT Pakistan in calling for an international anti-blasphemy law via UN resolution. This one scares me more than Paki nukes.
Also from Western Resistance: Members of State Muslim Body in Italy Refuse to Condemn Terror. A small surprise here. Usually they redefine it to mean the stuff that the US and Israel do, and then condemn that.
Finally, here is a little something for those who think that blasphemy laws are a good thing, that the poor darling Muslims are victims to be pitied and that terror is just a cry for help:
In submission to political Islam:
  • We shall not create or publish any art to be displayed in any public forum that is offensive to any Muslim.
  • We shall not write articles, books or essays that criticize political Islam.
  • We shall not give a full report on the violence of political Islam around the world nor mention
  • We shall show respect towards political Islam and defer to Islam’s demands on political, cultural and public issues.
  • We declare that the First Amendment does not apply to political Islam.
  • We shall criticize our civilization, but never criticize political Islam.
  • We shall find fault with ourselves when political Islam commits violence.
  • We shall change our laws and customs in accordance with the wishes of political Islam.
  • We shall not study the Koran, the life of Mohammed (the Sira) or the Traditions of Mohammed (the Hadith).
  • We shall not teach the history of political Islam’s 150 million victims.
  • We shall not teach how Islam sold African slaves to the world and enslaved Europeans and Asians.
  • We shall only teach about the “Golden Age of Islam” .
  • We shall not criticize the payment of the jizyah (foreign aide) to Islamic countries.
  • We shall keep our gates wide open for Muslim immigrants.
  • Whoever criticizes a Muslim with deliberate intent shall be declared a bigot and attacked.
  • We submit to political Islam and as dhimmis we seek the protection of Islam.
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