Friday, March 10, 2006

Our Taxes: Spent on Censorship or Just Being Wasted ?

It is becoming almost routine that this humble blog with its meagre 20 or so visits a day should be graced every two weeks or so by none less than the Australian Federal Department of Communications and the Arts, the body responsible for monitoring internet content.
Their visits are never pleasant, and the mystery still in my mind is: Is this an investigation of the kind of content on the site (not hosted in Oz, so leave me the hell alone please) or is this some slacker at the DCATA with nothing better to do on a Friday afternoon than to surf the Web at OUR expense ?

(Department Of Communications And The Arts)
Australia, 0 returning visits
10th March 2006
Six DaysNo referring link
10th March 2006
Six DaysNo referring link

Have any of my fellow anti-Dhimmi ozbloggers attracted similar attention? (This is addressed to the two or three of you who might visit this site from time to time...)

Should I give this individual a chance to comment (that's what the comments field below is for) before I report him to his employer for wasting our tax money, and giving me the Orwellian jitters ?

While we are on the topic of Government departments: at least our dear visitor doesn't work at the Deparment of Immigration, Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs. That deparment needs a "Humanitarian" and "Multigender" in the name too. Then at least they would spell "DHIMMIA" properly...

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