Monday, February 06, 2006


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This post will remain at the top of the blog until this thing blowns over, or at least until a prominent member of the Australian MSM posts the cartoons. My money is on Tim Blair. Scroll down for new posts.

Well, if the Aussie MSM won't print 'em, at least some Aussie blogs will!
C'mon Tim Blair, Uber-Blogger extraordinaire and MSM journalist to boot !
Put them on your blog at the very least ! Print them in the Bulletin ! Put the Seppos, Poms and Moose Chasers to shame !
Come on Miranda Devine, Janet Albrechtsen, Andrew Bolt, Piers Ackerman, come on The Daily Telegraph, the Herald Sun, The Australian !
Why the deafening silence ?

In the meantime, this may have to suffice. If readers can find me a nicecompact image containing all 12 cartoons in their entirety, (rather than just the Pedophile Prophet's sorry face) please send it on and I will post it too [Update: Found it!].

The Queen of Denmark, Margarethe II, is no dhimmi !

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark has called on the country "to show our opposition to Islam", regardless of the opprobium such a stance provokes abroad.

Meanwhile, speaking of queens, if you really want to see offensive, (and hilarious) check out Big Gay Jeff's International Offend A Muslim Day at Beautiful Atrocities. A sneak preview:

[Update 6/2/2006]

Tim Blair is a Mensch

Tim Blair is the only MSM journalist in the non-NZ Anglosphere with cojones ! Now for real Aussie pride, we say today, tomorrow The Bulletin !

Tank Stream Is Pumping

The quality at Tank Stream has picked up substantially. Maybe because the uncouth, tasteless and devil-may-care Wombat has not been writing, and we have finally heard from the heretofore silent non-mammals of the outfit, Gekko and Toad.
Gekko the Lizardoid has a rather wry view of the commercial dimension of the Cartoon Crisis, with his heart definitely in the right place. Cane Toad's conversations with his alarming imaginary friends also takes the Cartoon Crisis to hilarious places. Now lets see the boyz 'n' da Stream PRINT THE CARTOONS like good RWDB bloggers.
Hi to the critters at Tank Stream, go Wombat ! But what does the Wombat have against the Toad, anyway ? The Bandicoot can a bit of a dork though... Hey Keith, maybe they need a Rabbit ?
Blogger Down and Other Coincidences: Saracens at the Gates?
Also, we had the interesting case of Blogger Down for about 5 hours yesterday. So was LGF, and with the same behaviour. Tim Blair also had some trouble with logins. Today LGF is down again.
The timing is interesting, Nilknarf tells me there have been attacks on Jihad Watch and several other sites. Looks like today's Gates of Vienna are our firewalls, and the Saracen horde stands there as before...
[Update 6/2/2006]
Boycott Marsupials, Kiwis and Tatooine!
Oh good grief... I did warn people about that Wombat.
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