Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Non So Che Fare A Diventare Cosi - Shiite Ashura Rave Party - The Six Day Whine

That Rave Party
Everyone else is linking to this, so why not! In the absence of more profound or structured comment, essay or pieces of news, please enjoy crippled Shiite self-flagellation and ad-nauseum anguish at the slaughter of Imam Hussein in Ad 700 something by those mean Sunnis (What? it wasn't the Jooooooos?).
Clash of Civilisations
A thought occurs: who would win a fight to the death between Santa Claus and a self-whacking crippled Mullah on speed ? And could you even tell the difference between combatants after the hats come off ?
A Stalemate
As Henry Kissinger once remarked: "It is a pity that they cannot both lose". And before Talleyrand launches into one of his protracted probing inquiries: no, I do not give a shit about Santa either! Hah ! Now go stick THAT in your Jyllands-Posten and numerous sympathetic outlets worldwide !
Readers Possibly Offended
Offended? Good. Gonna issue a Christ-wah on my poor Jewish tush ? Go right ahead, turn-the-other-cheeksters ! I have insulted your Holy Gift Bringer ! So get with the program, no one gets to Father Christmas but past me first ! Come on, post-Christian Western consumerists ! Rebuke me to death !
Now stand back, and watch the streets of the West seethe with gullible present-addicted children and their guilt-ridden parents baying for poor old Ben Ze'ev's blood...
Three Way Struggle, Speculation on a Saint
Now, what if St Valentine were to join the battle? (Does anyone even know what he looked like, how adept he was at unarmed combat against menacing fat bald guys with large sacks or religious frenzy, or what the heck a Catholic saint would have to do with a smooch festival?)
And here I have offended a Great Religion. Whoops...
A Competition
To explore this and other topics haram in our decadent Kuffar culture, I am hereby declaring an anti-Santa and anti-St-Valentine cartoon competition right here on Six Days. Do your worst !!!! Bwa ha ha ha ha !!!!
of the world's population. Could it be that they would actually use their mighty super- powers of violent protest, boycott, terror, lies, hypocrisy and frenzied self-flagellation with metal implements for good rather than evil ? Could they put the horror of Feb 14 to rest ? If so, send me a turban and call me Ibn Dib.
So, feeling mighty pissed off and a tad anti-Semitic yet? Wanna tear the Jew a new one ? Don't bother, that is yet another literary and artistic field that we excel in....
Free Speech Bounded, Cultural Icons Explored, Italians Mentioned
Not going to allow any defamation of Jesus in the Competition though. I don't do that to family.
Surprisingly Christmas is even less relevant than St Valentine's day, but I will note that the last two have been the worst ever.
And yes, even brief snippets of dumb Italian lyrics in multilingual techno nonsense accompanying footage of Shiite self-harm still elicit way much more emotion than is appropriate, necessary or desired.
Damn those Italians. They build their cars well, and their women better. You don't forget either in a hurry. Happy fucking post-Valentine's day.
Kufr Aliekum,
Ben Ze'ev: clearly not at his best.

PS, on a more serious note, some seriously good news.

PRINCETON, NJ Following the election of Hamas as the Palestinian Authority's ruling party, Americans have grown more pessimistic that peace will ever be achieved in the Middle East, and increasingly sympathetic toward the Israelis. American opinions of the Palestinians had been improving in recent years, but now are among the worst Gallup has ever measured. Most Americans do not believe the United States should give any financial assistance to the Palestinian Authority regardless of its stance toward Israel and most say the United States should conduct diplomatic relations with the Palestinians (only) if they recognize Israel as a nation.
Hamas secured a majority of seats in the latest Palestinian parliament, raising worldwide concerns about what the militant organization, considered by many nations to be a terrorist group, might do with governing power. By a 2-1 margin, Americans now say there will never come a time when Israel and the Arab nations will live in peace, according to the annual Gallup Poll on World Affairs, conducted Feb. 6-9. The 65% to 32% split compares with a roughly 50-50 split last year. The current reading on this future peace measure, along with one other reading from August 2001, represents the most pessimistic Americans have been since the question was
first asked in 1997.
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