Wednesday, February 22, 2006

More from Keith: Title Edited

The Greatest Weakness
It is notably ironic, a tragedy of classical proportions: the greatness of the West is such that only we ourselves can do ourselves in, and we appear to have collectively decided to do so. To Talleyrand: any discussion of Western strategy should start here. As I said in the previous article, this is our greatest, and possibly only problem. I am reminded of Bismah in the Hindu epic tale Mahabharata. Bismah, a noble warrior blessed by the Gods is given the gift of choosing the moment of his own death. He is thus unbeatable in battle. Finally, at the entreaties of his enemies the Pandava whom he admires, Bismah agrees to be killed on the battlefield the next day. Arjuna, the Pandava archer takes advantage of the opportunity and brings the old man down. The allegory is ugly, and painfully true to our present situation.
I cannot bring myself to include the title that Keith gave to the next article, which my heart wants to refute as my head cannot. If Keith insists I will include the title after all. I do hope that Keith will agree that however grim things are, however obsessed the postmodern bastard children of the West are with enabling their own humiliation and however deep the grave that the suicidalist monsters have dug for us all, we cannot but maintain our love for the West, our heritage, achievements, culture. We cannot but maintain faith in our victory and we cannot but persevere in opposing the enemies of the West, internal or external, weakened or ascendant. To do so in times of triumph is nothing. To do so in darker times is the true moral test. This is the only lesson that our enemies have to teach us.

-Ben Ze'ev.

Title Censored for Reasons of Morale, To be Restored at Keith's Request

Coalition forces have been spectacularly successful in Iraq and Afghanistan, whatever impression the MSM may prefer to convey. There has been no attack on American soil since 9/11 and Australia has so far escaped terrorist attacks on the home front.

But the truth is that the radical islamists don't need one.

A quick look at the leading European countries will demonstrate why.

Britain: Islamists have infiltrated local councils and schools, gnawing away at freedoms once taken for granted. They dictate what is taught about Islam to children and insist on special treatment for the children of Muslims, even when that "special treatment" affects all kids in the school. Radical Muslims take to the streets to protest the Danish cartoons in clearly illegal (for other Britons) terms while the police stand by and do nothing. Local councils ban patriotic demonstrations by people who demand an end to appeasement yet either allow or at least turn a blind eye to other ethnic groups demonstrating against..Whatever is flavour of the day.

France: Violent demonstrations, intimidation, thuggery, robbery.....The list goes on. The answer from French politicians is to call for more talks with the Muslim community.

Germany: Numerous radical islamist terrorist cells are uncovered.

Norway: Over 80% of rapes are committed by Muslim youths yet the media is strangely silent.......

I could go on, but the picture is clear.

Why is this so? The answer is at once both simple and unfixable, in this writers opinion.
At least three decades of leftist schoolteachers have succeeded in producing generations of kids with no real knowledge of--or pride in-- their culture and it's achievements. They teach a history of the white European male as a colonising oppressor, as a creature who should apologise for his culture which is inferior to any other.
These teachers have learned to parrot whatever academic Marxist/feminist bullshit is currently in vogue and to inflict it on their students. Integrity, courage, loyalty, honour....Are all to be derided, sneered at by the smug and superior.
The smug and superior by virtue of never having to have earned an honest living or look true evil in the eye. One assumes.
And the Western media is complicit in this. They can be no other way, since they're largely the product of the same morally bankrupt worldview, mired in moral relativism and what in an age when Men walked the earth used to be called cowardice.


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