Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Keith Asks: Who Will Defend the West?

Today Crusader Rabbit aka Keith asks an important question, and uncovers some ugly truths. Six Days gets one, or possibly two new contributors, depends on how you look at it. The world continues to accelerate past rapid reruns of 1933, 1936 and 1938 towards Armageddon 1.0.
Rant Du Jour (Du Six Jours?)
Keith asks who will defend the West. Who indeed? As the world goes to hell, the leaders of the West fall all over themselves to apologise, show sensitivity and censor any criticism of a certain religion whose contribution to our society and general sensibilities are apparently worth sacrificing 300 years of Enlightenment and some of our core freedoms and values, as well as a functioning, prosperous and safe society with a future. Naturally, many of us feel despondent, though Tom Paine of Silent Running makes a very eloquent call to arms with "Paine's Theorem - It's All One War!". Lots of other goodies on this podcast, including an interview with a Real Moderate Muslim (Eureka!). It's a podcast. Listen to it.
Amid the gloom there is some good news today. Lets hope Ehud and Tzipi don't squander this one like they have all other recent opportunities.
I had almost succeeded in forgetting that today was St Valentines day, which has been crap for very sound personal reasons. Then again, there was this which amused me. Like I need a goyishe saint's day to feel rotten anyway.
Bienvenue à Six Jours,Monsieur de Talleyrand
I have a number of related issues for future discussion, some in answer to points raised by Talleyrand. This will appear in a while. Blogging will be sparse in the near future, for reasons that may also be revealed soon. Incidentally, if Talleyrand is reading this, I remind him that he is invited as a regular contributor. While he asks more questions than he answers, this is perfectly acceptable and welcome. In fact, Keith and I can be rather angry ranters, so a calm Socratic voice may be just what the doctor ordered. I remind Talleyrand that by accepting this welcome he performs the modern day equivalent of joining us behind the barricades, of standing up and being counted, of taking a side, even if he only chooses to question and ponder as he stands there.
Meet Ben Ze'ev
Six Days is now becoming crowded, so yours truly needs a nomme de blogge to distinguish him from Keith and Talleyrand. In the tradition of Semitic anti-dhimmis (Ibn Warraq, Bat Ye'or) I adopt the patronymic Ben Ze'ev. Six Days is the blog, Ben Ze'ev is the guy who isn't Keith or Talleyrand. "Ze'ev" means "Wolf". "Ben" means "Son Of". Hi.
And don't call me "Ben" cause that is just silly.
Enough, as they say, about me. Over to Keith:
Who Will Defend the West?
This is no finely crafted post in the manner of a Lileks or Mike Jericho, more some idle thoughts after a long day's work and more than a few beers. So bear with me.
Recently I started a new job and it involves working closely with a German guy--an immigrant to New Zealand--in his thirties. Nice person. Good at what he does and an asset to his new country in terms of his skills.
And my first real chance to listen to the "European view" of the world at first hand.

That view chills me to the bone.

This person (let's call him Klaus) has a constant refrain which consists of "it's the law" or "it's a safety issue". He sees almost everything in terms of what's "allowed" and what is safe. He sees regulation by government as the answer to every problem facing society.
Needless to say, he's also very good at the bureaucratic stuff that goes with the job and he hates the U.S.A. with a passion. Believes that guns have no place in the homes of citizens.
Klaus believes that a safe, law-abiding life is the ultimate expression of humanity, that those canine incisors he wears--the product of millions of years of evolution--can be made to vanish by a few carefully crafted EU resolutions. He doesn't just say these things, he believes them with all the certitude of the person raised in almost perfect safety and comfort. What the rest of the world, that part which doesn't share this Utopian vision thinks, is simply ignored.

In other words, he's the Perfect European, subservient to the State and an individual only in terms of his musical and cinematic tastes. (Although even those appear to be unremittingly mainstream for his age). The embodiment of the lemming-like mentality that's allowed a bunch of unelected bureaucrats to trash a thousand years of European history and impose Orwellian thought control on the citizens (subjects?) of the member States.

So who will defend the West? Who will go to the barricades if necessary to defend free speech? Who will die if necessary to ensure liberty for future generations?
The rows of white crosses at Normandy, those heartbreaking rows upon rows upon rows of young lives given for freedom are a historical aberration, apparently.
Klaus will man no barricade. Will stand against no enemy. Will always find a law or a justification to look the other way when the trains roll with their human cargo to the gas chambers or the gulag again. And I don't think for one minute that Klaus is an exception. He represents Man made in the image of the bureaucrats and intellectuals and petty functionaries who have grabbed control of most Western societies, the same people who would just as happily shuffle paperwork for another Stalin or another Adolf.
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