Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I Take It All Back!

A clarification of the last post, and some apologies, retractions and corrections.

Point 1: Islamist pronouncements can be helpful, interesting and persuasive. They can change one's mind about religious issues, the defamation of historical figures, Kuffar festivals and the public display of haram behaviour. Case in point below.

Point 2: It pays to actually read the stuff one links to in one's blog.

Point 3: St Valentine would have kicked both Santa's and the crippled Mullah's asses from the North Pole to the Holy City of Qom and back again.

Point4: St Valentine was an anti-dhimmi reconquisatador mensch! St Valentine's Day is thus celebrated rather inappropriately, except in as far as it flaunts haram stuff the ROP don't particularly like. Perhaps this just as well !

Muslims Advised Not To Celebrate Valentine's Day
TERENGGANU, Feb 13 (Bernama) -- Muslims in the country, especially lovers, have been advised not to celebrate Valentine's Day tomorrow.State Islam Hadhari Development Committee Deputy Chairman, Muhammad Ramli Nuh said celebrating the Day could be regarded as recognising the enemies of Islam because Valentine or Valentinus took part in planning and attacking Cordoba, once a well-known centre of Islam in Spain, causing its downfall.He was speaking to reporters after opening the seminar on Understanding of Tasawwuf Nusantara at Universiti Darul Iman, Malaysia, here, today.Muhammad Ramli said although not many couples
celebrate Valentine's Day in the state, the state government wished to remind that the celebration should not be held including in hotels.He reminded hotel managements to be sensitive to the religious beliefs of the people.

Anti-Dhimmi Reconquistador Mensch !!! (Assuming the Islamists are telling the truth of course)
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