Saturday, February 25, 2006

Good Morning From Keith

Keith must have been reading something other than Jyllands-Posten this morning...
- Ben Ze'ev
It's 5 in the morning and I'm into the third coffee of the day. Lots to do this weekend but an hour or two reading newspapers first seemed like a good idea.
Nope--madness lies in that direction.


"Global warming the biggest worry, Clinton tells forum "
Former American president Bill Clinton told 600 of New Zealand's top business people their greatest worry in the world was global warming.
Not a looming recession. Not a tax system which steals from the productive and gives to parasites. Nope, that damned .0001% rise in average temperatures is some places. Maybe.
"Tamahori ordered to clean-up Hollywood "
Is that clean up as in: pick up the garbage or clean up as in exterminate self-absorbed lefty moral relativist film makers who can't bring themselves to say anything good about their own culture? Is there a difference?

Air NZ to slash almost 500 more jobs as profit plummets ››
Never mind the mortgage payments--see Bill's advice.

Teachers: Report card ban challenged (by New South Wales government)
Heaven forbid that parents should be allowed to know how their kids are doing--report cards would let them know how their teachers are doing too and we couldn't possibly allow that.

Village flooded by manure
Sounds like Bill Clinton is visiting there too.

9.46pm President 'leading Uganda poll'

Killing of Jew 'not anti-Semitic'HE calls himself the "Brain of the Barbarians". But France's most wanted man, gang leader Youssef Fofana, has denied accusations anti-Semitism motivated the kidnapping, torture and killing of Ilan Halimi, a Parisian Jew.Not amazing.

Turtle lost at sea

£150m teenage pregnancy failureI knew IVF was expensive, but 150 mil?

Beijing warns cardinalChina has warned the newly-appointed Cardinal Joseph Zen of Hong Kong, a leading critic of Beijing, not to mix religion with politics.
But it's apparently ok to mix politics with religion.

Blair to create minister for social exclusion
words fail me.


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