Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Дадим отпор душителям всех пламенных идей!

This reaffirms that Russia is part of the West, something that the West needs to remember better in future. They were successful enough to penetrate through to America, but they are 100% European, Western, Judaeo-Christian, and have contributed to Western science, art, technology, literature, philisophy, music and other edifices of our civilisation. So what if Russia lagged behind the West in leaving Feudalism, and then totalitarianism. Was Germany any less a part of the West under the Nazis ? Politics can change quickly. Culture changes very slowly. A shared history does not change at all.
As for what the title means: see here for words to a WWII song that is even more relevant to the West now than it was to Russia then.
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