Sunday, February 05, 2006

Apologies, Explanations, Redirections and a Correction

I tried to post some pictures from yesteraday's Islamist protest in London. Blogger did not allow me to do so, citing technical trouble. Curses! An upcoming post (hopefully tomorrow) will have a lot more to say about at least one of the placards that was seen at this rally.
As for the lack of blogging lately:
Folks, I have been writing, but on other people's blogs, and have also spent a bit of time commenting on Six Days, so take the time to read comments here. Some very astute readers, some incoherent raving Islamists and yours truly all mixing it up.Neuvo-Uber-Blogger Manny (ask him about how many hits he has been getting lately) posted my detailed justification for a characterisation of the Prophet Mohammad which featured prominently as the title of a recent article on Six Days. Oh all right, I never get tired of repeating it:
Mohammad Was a Murderous, Thieving, Rapacious, Lying, Psychotic Pedophile ! One Islamist commenter (an old acquaintance) called this a childish joke, so I decided to provide some deadly serious evidence to the contrary. Do read the original article, and do look at the comments, where four different Islamists made their feelings rather clear, while presenting little, if anything that could be called a logical argument.After a number of requests from readers, here are some links to recent Six Days raves (check the comments sections or simply scroll down as necessary) and take the opportunity to check out these other blogs, and to give certain people a piece of your mind.
Mostly I have been free riding on Mike Jericho's blog. I extend my invitation to him to return the favour. Kudos to Mike, gifted and passionate commentator and researcher. Also meet Right Wing Death Bogan Nilk, and the fearsome Tiberius:
Also freeloading somewhat off the good Kiwi folk at Silent Running. Listen to their weekly podcasts, they are GOOD!
Finally, if you want to go leftie-baiting where the lefties actually have some rudimentary logical ability and insight, as well as a sense of humour, there is this:
Go forth and make em see the light!
Finally, I need to make a correction to a previous post, where it was stated that HAMAS had taken the "destroy Israel" from its list of stated goals. In fact, they have done no such thing. All they did was not make this part of their charter too obvious in their election program. This is all that the article was referring to. Of course the rest of their rhetoric and ongoing violence means that the good folk of Gaza, Judea and Samaria should have known better, particularly if they were voting for these people.
In terms of popular mandate, the "Palestinians" are still more accountable for HAMAS than the Germans ever were for Hilter.Since I am on a roll, lets recap the deal with HAMAS:
1. It is their stated objective to destroy the State of Israel.
2. They make no distinction between civilian and military targets
3. They are prepared to use all means, including suicide terror intentionally targeting civilians, makeshift rockets and tunnelling to fight Israel wherever and however possible.
THUS HAMAS is thus in a state of total war with Israel.
4. The majority of Palestinians voted for HAMAS to lead them. Of the remainder, many voted for secular "resistance movements" that also do not recognise Israel and support or perform terror. Thus an overwhelming majority supports total war with Israel.
5. (Incidentally) A remaining minortity supports a more subtle form of total war where diplomacy is used as a weapon. While Israel is officially recognised, one thing is said in English and another in Arabic, streets are still named after suicide bombers, children are still taught the virutues of hatered and suicide, and clerics still spew hatered on state sponsored TV. An implausibly deniable "armed wing" is still supported and funded, but disowned. Terror is subcontracted to the "armed wing", as well as HAMAS, Islamic Jihad and other nasties.
THUS:The Palestinian people have overwhelmingly declared unending total war with Israel, with no quarter possible, and any truce declared only temporary, and only for the duration in which it is to HAMAS's advantage.Israel is thus in a state of total war with the Palestinians, a total war that Israel did not declare. It is fully within its rights to act in a total war context. When it happens, it should take about 60 seconds, not Six Days...
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