Wednesday, February 22, 2006


This is one way to deal with the grim tone of the previous article... Yes, the tragicomic tradition at Six Days continues, and we have had a few too many heavy articles of late ! So:

First of all, sometimes it takes a purple Hell-cow called Reginald to tell it like it is. (Assisted by a cute, sign-waving Hell-slug) Turn up the sound, and do not play this one at work ! [Hat Tip: Silent Running]


(I recognise Miss Piggy, Porky Pig and Piglet, but who the heck is the pig on the left, anyway? Does anyone know?)

Then there is this.

As has now been well established by the Western press, five months ago a vicious right-wing propaganda rag in Denmark, possibly edited by a cryogenically preserved Nazi collaborator, sought specifically to denigrate Islam by commissioning a series of unspeakably horrible caricatures that baselessly portrayed Islam as having a tendency towards violence and intolerance.

Now, Muslims are not normally a people to congregate in mass protest and burn flags, hurl stones or break things. But this unprovoked act of cultural aggression (coming, as it did, out of the blue and occurring in Islam’s heartland, Denmark) was simply too much to take. Therefore, after five months of consideration, it was decided to make an exception for this case, and spontaneous protests broke out.

So it’s settled then. Had not the Jyllands-Posten newspaper committed its unforgivable violation of Sharia law, everything would be peaceful in the world. What we have here is a clear case of direct cause and effect, well isolated. That’s why the protestors targeted their anger narrowly at the newspaper in question and did not use the occasion to let loose a general pogrom of anti-Western, anti-Jewish, anti-Christian, anti-American and anti-Moderate rioting.

Oh wait, now that I think about it, that’s exactly what happened. After a suspicious pause that lasted longer than Joe Biden’s first set of hair plugs, the offended masses erupted in anger at the newspaper, Danish foods, the Prime Minister of Denmark, all the rest of Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, the principle of Free Speech, Israel, the Red Cross, the European Union, Christian churches, their own governments, Catholic Priests, the United States, Christian children, Ronald McDonald, and (of course) Kentucky Fried Chicken.

What? The United States cannot be on that list! Our brave State Department, always at the tip of any retreating spear, issued a condemnation of the cartoons and declared that free speech carries with it the responsibility not to say anything controversial. Plus, 99% of America’s media refused to even show the cartoons without more pixilation than they would provide for a daytime broadcast of “Caligula, The Larry Flynt Cut.”

Read it all. Go on.You know you want to...

Meanwhile, I need not remind you of this! I for one found the tune rather catchy, and was quite disappointed that it ended just before a rather sweet, female vocal piece, also partly in Italian. Yes, am still a sucker for that stuff... Imagine then my joy at finding the entire song, lyrics and all! Alas, no self-beating mullah, just the finest Europop beat, in English and Italian with the Rumanian word "haiduk" thrown in for good measure. Yes, I have been blogging to it. Got a better soundtrack? Send me the link!

Finally, if you read the Ashura link you will notice some belligirence towards a thankfully long passed St Valentine's day. Well, someone out there has decided that some quid pro quo is in order. I wonder if the Muslims will think of a lame arse reason to ban March 20 too. Even better if it falls on some Shia Imam's martyrdom day, or Ramalamadingdong or Eid-al-Goatfuck or something...

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