Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The West Has Lost Its Nerve

[By Crusader Rabbit, edited slightly at his request]

The West has lost its nerve.

It has become a trite mantra, especially -although not exclusively-from the Left that the West is unbeatable on the battlefield, but cannot win the war against terrorism by military means. That position is at least arguable. What the West can do is lose the war at home. Let us be clear here: by"terrorism" I refer to radical Islamists, the action wing of Islam.
The failure of nerve of the West has its roots in several things. The first of these is the rise of an affluent class, which has been released from the brutal imperatives of working long hours for comparatively little money. They are free to adopt pet causes and pose as rebels against the values their parents once held. Since their parents were by and large struggling to bring up families on limited incomes, struggling to pay the mortgage on the family home while at the same time doing their best to give their kids a decent education, their values tended to be conservative. They had to be.
The rebellion against those values could thus only move one way:to the left. At the same time there was a "feminization" of the workforce. More and more families became two-income households and the inevitable result of that was to devalue women's contribution in building a stable and nurturing family home. The process was aided and abetted by radical feminism which denigrated the role ofwomen in the home.
The increased participation of women in the workforce was not entirely a good news story in the workplace either. And here is where I am going to cop some abuse. These are of necessity generalisations and I have no intention of defending or arguing every nitpicking point, ok?
Female teachers, from kindergarten onwards have brought to their jobs an amazing level of ignorance in differences between boys and girls in terms of their development. It is no accident that boys are falling steadily further and further behind girls at school, because schools employ a disproportionate number of female teachers. Young boys need male role-models and they need to be engaged by those subjects that interest them. Kindergarten teachers who ban very young boys from playing "cowboys and indians", who fret about male bullying while being too blind or stupid to recognise the equally vicious non-physical bullying that girls are prone to, who set texts for a class to read that are perhaps engaging to girls but mind-numbingly boring to boys - these teachers have caused an enormous amount of damage.
The ideals of "courage, duty, honour" are masculine ideals. I am not at all saying that women cannot also value these ideals. But I believe that these are essentially masculine, and that any man who doesn't value them is much less of a man for it. It is exactly that--"courage, duty, honour" that the trendy lefties, the lofty intellectuals of our age and every smart-arse scam artist who makes it big in politics denigrates.
For the West to make a stand against those who would destroy it we need more than bullets and bombs, more than good intelligence inputs, more than airport luggage screening.
We need confidence. The confidence to stand up and say that Islam has no place in the West. To say that a religion based on a paedophile prophet who preached murder and amputation and the second-class status of women is an abomination to all civilised values. In short, we have to make a value judgement. Derrida is dead. The whole filthy business of moral relativism also needs to be buried.When followers of a religion rape and bomb and shoot schoolchildren we have no obligation to try and sort out which followers of that religion are prepared to commit such an outrage from those who aren't. It is Islam's problem, let themfirst fix it and then come knocking on the door of civilisation for admission. Confidence, people. In a great civilisation and the values it embodies.
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