Sunday, January 15, 2006

Twisting the UN's Arms

Some interesting news on the UN front.

Look like Iran will finally be referred to the UN Security Council. Not that sanctions should worry the oil-rich loonocracy, but even this is surprising.
It also looks like Russia and China are not standing in the way. How could this be ? The American Thinker has a theory: the US has collected much information from Iraq, and it includes the goods on the leaders of the rest of the Security Council. Good heavens, is the US blackmailing the rest of the Security Council to clear the way for the American geopolitical agenda ? The next steps in the Iran saga will be a good indicator.

Here’s a thought. The US has a big cache of documents showing that Chirac and de Villepin received Oil-for-Food moneys from Saddam, contrary to their own laws. So did Putin. So did the Chinese. The US could leak some interesting stories to the international press, probably enough to defeat de Villepin’s election run for president of France, and to embarass Putin in Moscow. Even China’s corrupt politicians might get a little nervous. The Communist Party has been known to turn on corruption when it becomes too public.
The US has now had four years to study 2 million documents from Saddam’s secret archives. A lot of Baath Party torturers must have been eager to talk to the US, just as the Nazis were eager to cooperate after WWII. There must be thousands of Kurds and Shiites out there gunning for their old Baath enemies. So there must be a steady flow of intelligence about Oil for Food and a lot of other Saddam-era influence buying
abroad. It defies belief to think that we just haven’t asked anybody how Saddam managed to buy at least three of the five permanent members of the Security Council.
Would it be silly to think that we have the goods on Chirac and Putin? Do we know who was bought off by Saddam’s oil in Beijing? Has Dr. Rice been dropping quiet hints in her travels to those places?

John Bolton has made a formal complaint to Kofi Annan regarding the UN's shameful annual "International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People", an event attended by Kofi Annan as well as General Assembly President Jan Eliasson and Russian Ambassador Andrei Denisov, the Security Council president for November.
The event featured a prominently placed map of the Middle East, sans Israel, just like Mahmoud Ahemarmageddon of Iran has in mind.

The Weekend Australian has a great article on John Bolton. This is far from glowing acclaim, but paints a picture of exactly the man that Washington, and the entire Western World needs to represent the US at the White House. Lets hope that a miracle shifts the US congress, and that Bolton can indeed be re-appointed in 2007.

Interestingly, HAMAS has removed the destruction of Israel from its list of official goals. Not that this is likely to stop being their real goal, announced in rallies and worked towards with suicide bombs, missiles, funding of "Martyr"'s families and the dehumanising militarisation of their children. Looks like they want that funding from the US pretty badly too. All that semtex costs money.
Hopefully the US has more sense than to open its coffers to a terrorist organisation merely because their most obscene goal is no longer explicit. There is still the matter of their being a terrorist organisation.
Sadly, this token gesture is probably more than enough for the remainder of the "Quartet", whose less than explicit objectives are probably not too different from those of the born-again HAMAS.
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