Saturday, January 07, 2006

Religion of Peace Recruits Peaceful Youths for Peace Operations in Iraq. From Sydney !

If true, this comes as a terrible shock for two reasons. First of all, as everybody knows Islam is a Religion Of Peace (tm), athough far fewer may actually know why this is so, and fewer still see any reason to enquire.

Secondly, Islamic Youth in Sydney have recently shown their exceptional devotion to Peace by reminding everyone of what life would be like without it. It is therefore clear that they would be the last to engage in any jihad related hijinks in Iraq. Jihad is, after all, a personal struggle that has nothing to do with warfare, as 1300 years of peaceful Islamic history clearly demonstrate.

Finally, we all know that the noble insurgents in Iraq are doing quite well, thank you very much, and have no need for South West Sydney cannon fodder, nor for their money with its images of infidel kangaroos and an unveiled Queen Elizabeth.

There is of course a concern that the wider Australian community might fall for vicious rumours spread by official diplomatic representatives of newly-democratic countries. Diplomats, like bloggers, have no checks, balances or ethics, unlike reputable journalists at Al Jazeera and Al Manar, or certain Imams who go to Lebanon and then praise suicide bombing.

Luckily unelected self-appointed ROP representatives of obscure but nicely named organisations with the word "Friendship" in them are on hand to remind us that black is the new white. Even better, Your ABC thinks that they are among the small number of imporant people to interview under these circumstances, and they are ready to put to rest any vicious rumour. All Australian Muslims against Zarqawi ? Great ! Does this include the 10% who are Wahhabi/Salafi/Deobandi/JustPlainFuckingLooni ?

Keysar Trad from the Islamic Friendship Association of Australia
says allegations of fundraising in Australia to support the insurgency were raised 12 months ago and were found to have no substance. Mr Trad says anyone in Australia who knows of active support for Iraq's Al Qaeda leader should immediately take such information to police. "If you speak to any Muslim, they will tell you that they disown Zarqawi, that Zarqawi is really a dirty word to most Muslims in Australia," he said.

Only because Zarqawi is losing, or because he kills Muslims along with evil infidel Americans. And even then I am taking it with a 1 ton mega-grain of Dead Sea salt...

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