Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Rabbit Cometh

I welcome a new addition to the Six Days crew. Please welcome Crusader Rabbit, who is much more of the former and far less of the latter. He is too modest in what he will allow me to say about him, but there is a little that I can share with you.
Without giving anything more away, I will say that it is an honour to host such a contributor. I look forward to plenty of regular contributions from him, the first of which will be presented to you shortly.
Anyway, here is what little declassified intel I can share with you:
Crusader Rabbit:
Australian, ex-African.
Spent the past few years in the Northern Territory and Torres Straits living in remote communities.
Old. grumpy.
A passionate believer in Western civilisation and its values.
Now living (possibly temporarily) in New Zealand.
Here is what I said to CR when I invited him to blog, which took some convincing. This is a message for all of you non-writing lurkers out there:

Every voice counts, and yours is more eloquent than you give yourself credit. The fact is that when you type "Islam" into Blogger search, you get mostly anti-dhimmitude. This is a small but vital victory, made possible by the plurality of right wing voices on the blogosphere.Add your valuable voice. your confidence will grow in time.


Add your valuable voice. Not that you do not do so already, in valuable, thoughtful comments on other blogs. But do take that next step.This is not about shyness or vanity, eloquence or awkwardness. This is about nothing less than saving civilisation.

I say the same to all of you more generally: do not be silent, your online voice is a political lever, a weapon, a tool of change. You are educated, literate, interested, informed. AND YOU DO HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY.
So add to the critical mass. Push Google, Yahoo, Blogger etc and finally the MSM and ultimately the West in the direction that you want it to go in ! This is even more important than voting...
So go get writing!
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