Tuesday, January 24, 2006

NSW Police Force Grows a Pair : What Next ?

This is the most interesting news all week, and it comes from our very own Sydney of all places!
Yes, the Conservatives won in Canada and that is good, but the news below is nothing short of ASTOUNDING....
While neither Iemma, nor Moroney, nor any other senior figure in the Police Force will admit that the Police response to the Cronulla aftermath was pure limp-wristed appeasement, at least the signals are strong that appeasement is at an end.

Iemma has been busy with window dressing , too little, too late. [Hat Tip: A Western Heart]
Superintentent McKay on the other hand is ready to call a spade a spade. Maybe Iemma has some spine after all, and if not then some independently-minded senior copper does, and this is perhaps even better.
Most tellingly, it looks like a certain demographic and its spokesmen are being held to account by none less than senior police!

Superintendent McKay complained yesterday that only five people had come orward to help police since that footage was released last week. He had expected 100. "Senior members of the Arabic community need to really have a close look at themselves and start … identifying these people. The only people that know these people out there are members of the Middle Eastern community … They need to stand up and … be held accountable for the actions of people in the community."
When the Herald later asked to whom he was referring to, a spokeswoman identified Mr Trad, the president of the Islamic Friendship Association, as one who could do more to identify culprits. Mr Trad denied shielding criminals, saying: "This is unfair. I am dumbfounded by it really. I spent most of Saturday helping the police."
He accompanied Ahmed Jajieh, the one man interviewed over the Cronulla bashing, to a police station on Saturday. Mr Jajieh told them he had helped protect the bashing victim, known as Steve B, from 30 attackers, but police are frustrated because they believe he may have known some of them. Mr Trad said he was contacted by the family of Mr Jajieh, whom he called "this hero", and agreed to accompany him for a voluntary interview. Mr Trad said he had met Mr Moroney and offered to find Islamic youth leaders who would help identify men in the video. The Lebanese Muslims Association president, Ahmad Kamaleddine, also took offence at Superintendent McKay's remarks.

Of course they took offence. The difference is, the public no longer buys this kind of deflection, and even Iemma has been forced to take notice.

What will be interesting, and perhaps frightening is the response from the Lebanese Muslim community if they see all appeals to "tolerance" fail and are forced to deal with a police force and community calling their leaders and spokespeople to account. Names will have to be named, real cooperation will have to be extended, responsibility will have to be shouldered, parental attitudes, religious sermons and schooling will be scrutinised.
What will the reaction be when anger and cries of "victim" do not wash ?

There will be another undercurrent, and we have already seen this in Denmark.
The target will not be freedom of speech, but another weapon against dhimmitude: an empowered police force. The weapons will however be the same.

A three pronged assault:

Violent Initimidation: violence and threats against politicians, journalists and policemen, senior and frontline.

Lawfare: Legal cases levelled against all of the figures listed above through the Australian legal system.

International Intimidation: Appeals to the UN, Arab League, Organisation of Islamic States, ASEAN, economic and diplomatic isolation of Australia, use of the Oil Weapon etc.

Lets hope that Australia is as resolute before this onslaught as Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands have proven to be so far. What if we do not bend before this onslaught ?

One surprising side effect is that Moderate Muslims worthy of the name actually start coming out of the woodwork and becoming part of the solution.

But what else is there to expect ? The rest does not look so rosy. The dishonour brought to a Muslim minority used to getting its own way may be too much to bear. (great article, btw. [Hat Tip: Dr Sanity] )

Honor killings of women are all too common in Arab culture, and importantly are not dissuaded by the tenets of Islam.

Other expressions of the shame culture that are obvious is the rampant psychological projection and refusal to accept responsibility for the atrocities committed in the name of Islam. Not only are we regularly subjected to imams, religious leaders, and leaders of Muslim states stating even now that 9/11 or the London bombings were not committed by Muslims; they also regularly blame the Jews for such acts. In this way they can avoid the shame that taking responsibility for evil.

Additionally, the emphasis by CAIR and other Muslim organizations in demanding that any statement that criticizes or even suggests blame or responsibility by Islam for terror, be retracted or apologized for, is also just a part of the shame-avoidant dance that leads the culture into the blurry realms of delusion.

Finally, it is not surprising that the most murderous thugs espousing religious ideals as they brutally cut off the heads of infidels are hidden behind masks and dare not reveal themselves to the world. I suspect that on some deep level they know that their "pride" in their sick behavior would be more difficult to boast about if they were not anonymous. "If no one knows it is me committing these acts, then I am not shamed," after all.

Will the Muslim community, leaders and all become model citizens? Will they start delivering their miscreants into the arms of the law, and educating them to behave better ? Perhaps. Past behaviour, and religious teachings regading the treatment of fellow believers may indicate otherwise.

The result may be an escalating cycle of denial, violence, lawfare and attempts to defame Australia on the international Arena. The latter two may become increasingly weak and eventually die down as the wider community and politicians close ranks. Muslim violence and threats may continue to escalate. This would be followed by the wider community's outrage and further scrutiny and pressure on the community in question.

Perhaps noone will notice when at some point the line will be crossed from common or garden violence to the "T" word. In fact, that line may already been crossed at Maroubra...

The logical conclusions of this may be rather scary. I hope that our police and other security services are prepared. Bombings and assasinations have been committed in places like the UK and pre-Van-Gough-murder Netherlands, where the government and police have shown far less resistance and appeasement was the order of the day. What will be the Jihad's payback to a city that shows backbone ?

2006 may be be a testing year for Sydney, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands and the greater Dar-al-Harb.
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