Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I have no words

This used to be an occasionally funny blog. Sometimes ponderously heavy, sometimes pompous and sometimes light, offensive, ironic, whatever. I had fun. Recent mass visits by the cheerleaders of today's most vile idea have kicked the humour out of me and left me lost for words. They were almost all out for blood, and searching for one name. Almost to a man they were out to get one Edgar Kokkvald, a man whose deadly sin was to call for the rights of cartoonists to draw 1300 year dead prophets any way they pleased. A man who was ultimately risking so much in vain, because his native Norway caved before terror anyway. As did Denmark.
For my brothers and sisters in this struggle, and all good men and women of the West, or unwilling prisoners outside civilisation who may stumble on this site, I share with you the image that for me defined this war. For those who don't know, the man's badge reads "Spetznaz", short for "Voiska Spetzial'nogo Naznocheniya", the Special Forces of the noble Russian Federation. You can all guess where and when this photo was taken. The man in the picture is most likely alive, as is the baby. Thank God and little else.
For the rest of you I have no more words. I have no more words, thoughts, tears for you. Or prayers.

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