Friday, January 13, 2006

Good News You May Have Missed

Here is a roundup of things that make me cautiously optimistic. You would have to look quite hard to find some of these even on the blogsphere. Forget finding most of them anywhere on the MSM.

1. US Military IED Deaths in Iraq seem to be falling. Only 11 for the 13 days of January. By recent trends, this is a badly needed improvement. Not that this diminishes the pain of the families and friends of the fallen. Also note the overall fatality figures, which also appear to be falling, with IED deaths an increasing proportion of total fatalities.

2.On a related note, an Israeli company has used nanotechnology to create armour five times stronger than steel! [Hat Tip: Worldtribune]
Lets hope they succeed, and produce copious quantities of the stuff soon.

3. Type "Islam" into Blogger search and look at the results. Pages and pages of them. On one key topic at least the blogsphere is the sheer antithesis of the MSM. Maybe this tells you a lot about MSM bias, and the nature of blogging. Maybe the "Islam is Peace" types do not need to blog. They have the media and goverment departments spreading that crap already.
In any case, I am smiling.

4. The Blue Scarves and their Blue Revolution have not got much attention in the MSM or the blogsphere. (This is a comments page, so use the "find" function to look for all related posts on this page by typing the search word "blue"). Find out about them. Hopefully they will change France. You might want to buy a blue scarf of your own after you read this stuff.
The Blue Revolution Website (in French)
An English Translation (From Google translator, so not too good...)

5. While most takes on Denmark focus on the Government's apparent surrender to Islamofascist bullying, here is a rather more optimistic take from Gates of Vienna [shtreimel tip: Manny]

6. Speaking of Jyllands-Posten, there is now another Islam-related cartoon crisis brewing in Norway. [Hat Tip: Jihad Watch]

7. The Pentagon is finally taking Islam seriously (yes, this was all over the blogsphere. Where did it go ? This is VITAL !) Here is what the moonbats think about this.

8. Iran, Ahmedinejad, "peaceful" nukes... Even Canada wants to refer them to the UN Security Council! Of course, China and Russia will see that nothing is done, but then even Canada will look like fools unless they tell the UN to stick it, and go with good ole Intra-Western Unilateralist ass-kickin'.

9. Khaddam, former Syrian VP, accuses Assad directly of ordering Hariri murder. Goodbye Assad, and the whole Baath tyrranokleptocracy. Lets hope noone in the US State Department allows the Muslim Brotherhood to replace the Assads...

[Update at an ungodly hour barely 14/1/2006]

Cynic writes:

With regard to good news #9 I read in a Brazilian online news site (Portuguese),,OI830671-EI294,00.html

that a majority of the Lebanese Parliament rejected a plan drawn up, without Lebanon's participation, by the Saudi king, Egypt's Mubarak and baby face Assad for Lebanon to normalize its relations with Assad.#7. You should qualify who these moonbats are:Louay M. Safi,Mohamed Elmasry,Iqbal Jassatand of course the useful foolish dhimmis manning the RoPbot stage.

10. I have long awaited the time when Western gays and feminists would wake up to their compatibility with Islam. Gays in particular have yet to show a general awakening in this regard, and while they pour scorn on relatively harmless churches, they ignore a religion that actively persecutes gays abroad and has made gay capitals such as Amsterdam no longer gay-safe. While notable gays such as Pim Fortyn have been anti-dhimmi pioneers, they have been lone voices, and the gay community outside the Netherlands is still very much a part of the left wing rainbow.
It was heartening therefore to see that one British gay group at least has a somewhat different view, for which they are getting in trouble:

(check out their site and search for "Islam".)

It was laughably ironic then to see that two days ago Sir Iqbal Sacranie himself is being investigated for homophobia by the British thought police, because in the UK freedom of speech does not exist. [Hat tip: Silent Running]

(note that there are a few gay anti-dhimmis on the 'sphere, some of them absolutely hilarious)

11. Abu Hamza aka "Hook" is finally on trial

12. Uhh, I can't really call this good news, can I? Oops...

13. Saudi Arabia's state-sponsored clergy gives us wonderful ammo right on Saudi TV. Where are the loud, unequivocal voices of condemnation from the rest of the Muslim world ?

Save this link in your "nice things Muslims say about us" folder. Send this to anyone who promotes that old "tolerance" garbage. Or anyone who thinks that the Saudis are our allies.

This is good news because even when the evil Zionists/Halliburton/GitMourge W. McBushitler/Zeta Reticulans/Easter Bunny/anyone but Muslims attack on Sept 11, impersonate jihadis in Iraq and force Muslims wordwide to wear tinfoil under their scullcaps to evade the evil ZioNeoCon mindrays they still somehow fail to damage the reputation of Islam as much as Muslims do themselves.

There will be cries of "these guys are not real Muslims" etc. That's nice. Then they need to explain to us why 80% of US mosques have been allowed to be taken over by the Saudi version of Islam...

14. In Australia's State of New South Wales (the state where Sydney is located) recent riots have reminded everyone about the P in ROP. The response by the police has been undrewhelming to say the least, and this has been the case for quite a long time.

The State government is the Labor (Leftie) party, which relies on ROP votes. The opposition Liberal party(John Howard's party. They have the federal government, but not NSW state. Liberal = conservative, believe it or not!) has taken an interesting step. The leader of the State Opposition, Peter Debnham, has said what many Sydneysiders have long thought: that the police are too soft on Middle Eastern crime (Read Muslim Middle Eastern crime. The very large Christian Lebanese and Coptic communities are no trouble). He also suggests that this might be because of the relationship between certain communities and the Labor party, something even Blind Freddy can see (this is an Australian expression meaning that the thing is bloody obvious).
Debnham has indeed opened a can of worms, and is being called to account by the State Government and the head of the State Police. I am confident that Debnham will present all the damning evidence needed, and I hope that Tim Priest will assist him in this matter.

15. Pope Benedict XVI is under no illusions that Islam is ready for reform. We get this second-hand from a friend of his, and there have been no subsequent refutations. This was a soft, tactful yet clear approach taken by the Pontiff, who is proving to be a real mensch, unlike the last dhimmi...

I will post more good news as it arrives.
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