Friday, January 06, 2006

Gerard Jackson Keeps Fighting Victoristan Dhimmi Laws

Gerard Jackson made waves with a recent article in BrookesNews, titled "Muslim Bigots Impose Blasphemy Laws on Victoria". In his uncompromising article Mr Jackson challenged Victoria's anti-free-speech laws by blashpheming against Islam and daring the Dhimmi State's Equal Opportunity Commission and the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal to act against him, as they did against Danny Naillah and Daniel Scot.

Not content with the subsequent response he received from EOC's CEO, Mr Jackson has fired another strongley worded volley this week.

The courageous Mr Jackson is a frontline warrior in the West's most crucial battle: the right to identify, discuss and criticise dangerous ideas and their followers, along with their compatibility with our culture, and their allegiances.
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