Thursday, January 26, 2006

Fun in France: Blue Revolution Protest Today!

Claude Reichman's Blue Revolution in France has still ro receive much attention in the MSM or the blogosphere. I wrote about them some weeks ago. Today, the 26th of January, is the day that the Blue Scarves are expected to protest in French Cities.

Here is an auto-transalation of the Blue Revolution Manifesto.
(Apologies if the material below is a little nonsensical. This is the result of automated translation from the French. French readers can read the original article)
Why the blue Revolution? Because the French political situation is completely blocked and that it rests from now on to the people to be made hear. The politicians are neither blind nor deaf. But they do not see and hear only what they want well. And as the media are failing, nothing comes to undeceive them, if not of time to other the result of an election, than they hasten to forget in order to prepare the following one.
The politico-media system is so well locked that no new political force can appear. So dissatisfaction and anger cannot borrow any more of another channel but the democratic despair, which appears by a massive abstention with the elections, or the violence, which seriously disturbs the life of the French and whose sequence can lead in the worst case, i.e. from the civil war.
The immense majority of the citizens only aspires to work and live in peace. It became impossible today for a number unceasingly growing of them, which are confronted with unemployment and the insecurity.The Socialists and the parliamentary line have alternated with the capacity for thirty years. And during these thirty years the situation of the country did not cease being degraded to lead to the current catastrophe.
This dramatic failure is due to the fact that these two camps make about the same policy. And all indicates that this false alternation will continue. In 2007 the French will be able to elect only one president and a parliamentary majority Socialists or UMP. In other words, nothing will change!
Under these conditions, the explosion is certain, and nothing says besides that it will not occur before the next electoral expiries.This is why it is urgent to act. The exasperated French must show themselves and be made hear. The means that we propose obtained from the results in Ukraine, with the orange Revolution, and obtains some regularly in Japan, where the employees, rather than to launch out in strikes who harm to them very as much as with their employers, raise an arm-band as a sign of dissatisfaction.
Meanwhile, French authorities are mercilessly cracking down on pork soup kitchens for the poor. That's right, the provision of traditional French cuisine to needy French people is racist, because it excludes Muslims and Jews. Not that the latter group would actually care. I am waiting to see an example of actual Jews actually complaining about this. For the record, this Jew says BRING ON THE BACON !
Heck, after a Le Pen/Sarkozy victory in 2007 I want to see the French legilature mandate that bacon essence be added to the water supply, and sprayed in a fine mist over France, the "Palestinian" "Occupied" Territories and Mecca while they are at it !

Finally, Sarkozy is proposing yet another jingoistic bandaid idea, more evidence that he is courting the right wing vote while refusing to suggest any serious solution to France's growing problem with the You-Know-Whos.

PARIS -- French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy has proposed a citizen volunteer force to fight growing crime and hooliganism spilling from the urban ghettoes of the country. The "citizens' reserve" would be unpaid and patrol the "sensitive areas," he said.

Critics immediately pointed out that such a force would have no legal authority and no weapons to resist aggression in the areas where they might be considered police informers. The proposal comes a day after Mr. Sarkozy announced a plan to create a railway force of 2,540 police and paramilitary gendarmes that would secure trains across various jurisdictions.
The need for such a force arose after a mob of more than a hundred youths, thought to be North African immigrants, terrorized passengers on atrain running from Nice to Lyon in southern France on New Year's Day.

On Sunday, a group of young rappers occupied the small Chenay-Gagny railway station, immobilized a Paris-bound train and blocked other lines until they were dispersed by a
tear-gas barrage.

What is really needed is mass deportations, onus of responsibility on community and religious leaders, and revocation of citizenship for those who behave in an antisocial manner and do no consider themselves part of the broader society in any case. Does Sarkozy have the balls for that ? I don't know, but Le Pen does.
Is Sarkozy moderating his rhetoric to attract the Villepin vote, while using blogosphere savvy to court the Le Pen vote ? Or is he a tough-talking (by French standards only) dhimmi wuss ? Time will tell.
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