Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I have no words

This used to be an occasionally funny blog. Sometimes ponderously heavy, sometimes pompous and sometimes light, offensive, ironic, whatever. I had fun. Recent mass visits by the cheerleaders of today's most vile idea have kicked the humour out of me and left me lost for words. They were almost all out for blood, and searching for one name. Almost to a man they were out to get one Edgar Kokkvald, a man whose deadly sin was to call for the rights of cartoonists to draw 1300 year dead prophets any way they pleased. A man who was ultimately risking so much in vain, because his native Norway caved before terror anyway. As did Denmark.
For my brothers and sisters in this struggle, and all good men and women of the West, or unwilling prisoners outside civilisation who may stumble on this site, I share with you the image that for me defined this war. For those who don't know, the man's badge reads "Spetznaz", short for "Voiska Spetzial'nogo Naznocheniya", the Special Forces of the noble Russian Federation. You can all guess where and when this photo was taken. The man in the picture is most likely alive, as is the baby. Thank God and little else.
For the rest of you I have no more words. I have no more words, thoughts, tears for you. Or prayers.


The Royal Treatment

Murray at Silent Running sums it up well. He also has this great picture of my Cousin Josh saying what needs to be said. [Hat Tip for piccie: Murray]

It would appear that this wee little blog has attracted a perfect storm of unwanted attention. First it was Saudis and a few other Gulfies.

Then it was the Department of Communications and the Arts (the Aussie thought police). Not their first visit...

Look what we get now!

Syrians, Iraninans and HRH the Ruler of Dubai, OH MY !!!!

(H.h. The Rulers Court - Dgirp)

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 0 returning visits

Date Time WebPage
30th January 2006 19:55:08 Six Days
search.yahoo.com/search?p=Edgar Kokkvold&ei=UTF-8&fr=FP-tab-img-t&x=wrt
30th January 2006 19:55:43 Six Days
search.yahoo.com/search?p=Edgar Kokkvold&ei=UTF-8&fr=FP-tab-img-t&x=wrt
30th January 2006 19:56:21 Six Days: Kuft Aleikum Good Guests ! And remember: Mohammad Was a Murderous, Thieving, Rapacious, Lying, Psychotic Pedophile


Tehran, Tehran, Iran, Islamic Republic Of, 0 returning visits

Date Time WebPage
31st January 2006 01:56:05 Six Days
search.msn.com/results.aspx?q=Edgar Kokkvold &FORM=MSNH&srch_type=0
31st January 2006 01:58:45 Six Days
31st January 2006 02:00:14 Six Days: Kufr Aleikum Good Guests ! And remember: Mohammad Was a Murderous, Thieving, Rapacious, Lying, Psychotic Pedophile
31st January 2006 02:00:56 Six Days: Kufr Aleikum Good Guests ! And remember: Mohammad Was a Murderous, Thieving, Rapacious, Lying, Psychotic Pedophile
31st January 2006 02:05:48 Six Days: Kufr Aleikum Good Guests ! And remember: Mohammad Was a Murderous, Thieving, Rapacious, Lying, Psychotic Pedophile

(Deployment Of It Knowledge In Syria)

Dimashq, Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic, 0 returning visits

Date Time WebPage
31st January 2006 05:10:52 Six Days
search.yahoo.com/search?ei=UTF-8&p=Mohammad cartoons&fr=slv1-msgr&b=31

Incidentally, our old friend the strange Saudi site that has been monitoring us daily for months is still at it.

(Dubai Point Of Presence For Dth Platform)

Ar Riyad, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 3 returning visits

Date Time WebPage
31st January 2006 00:30:12 Six Days
No referring link

Kufr Aleikum !

I am still wondering how Six Days is getting through their muttawa firewalls. Don't they want to protect their poor subjects from haram blasphemous material like Six Days ? Or are they ALL muttawa ?

The news is not all dire however. It would appear that we are also attracting many Danish visitors, mostly through the article "Viking Courage and True Moderate Muslims". Hold fast, Denmark, we stand with you.

Incidentally, it would appear that the Palestinians have endeared themselves to the Danes this morning by burining the Danish flag. [Hat Tip: Silent Running]

I can really see the Danes recognising HAMAS and making that EU money flow now...


Sadly, I spoke too soon. Those Eurabians do not take long to show their true colours.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Kufr Aleikum Good Guests ! And remember: Mohammad Was a Murderous, Thieving, Rapacious, Lying, Psychotic Pedophile

What's with the pictures ?
As I said, The Prophet Mohammad (his enemies be upon him) Was a Murderous, Thieving, Rapacious, Lying, Psychotic Pedophile. (A more cogent and detailed justification for this characterisation here) . And a large number of The Prophet's fan club are visiting this site. Hence the pictures. A reminder of some things they find unpleasant. I like that.

Also this absolutely hilarious music/video clip (turn up the sound!), [Hat tip, LGF]

Six Days has enjoyed an increasing number of hits over the last two days. While I would like to thank our dear readership, and acknowledge our new Crusading Contributor, as well as regular commenters Keith, Stewie, Manny and Cynic, and hits from an increasing number of linking blogs, the fact is that most of the new attention comes from a direction that would never elicit a kind word from me. Here are some examples:

shabnet0-104.shabakah.net (Shabakah Net)
Saudi Arabia, 0 returning visits
29th January 2006
Six Days search.msn.com/results.aspx?q=cartoon%2b prophet mohammad&first=81&FORM=PERE8

(Emirates Internet)
Ash Shariqah, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, 0 returning visits
29th January 2006
Six Days search.yahoo.com/search?p=Edgar Kokkvold %2B mohammad %2B picture&ei=UTF-8&fr=FP-tab-web-t&x=wrt

lhd673.emirates.net.ae (Emirates Telecommunications Corporation)
United Arab Emirates, 0 returning visits
29th January 2006
Six Days search.msn.com/results.aspx?srch=105&FORM=AS5&q=Edgar Kokkvold

(Zajoul For Advanced Telecommunication)
Saudi Arabia, 0 returning visits
28th January 2006
Six Days: January 2006http://www.google.com.sa/search?hl=ar&safe=active&q=defaming
28th January 2006
Six Days: January 2006 http://www.google.com.sa/search?hl=ar&safe=active&q=Jyllands-Posten
28th January 2006
Six Days: January 2006 http://www.google.com.sa/search?hl=ar&q=Jyllands-Posten
28th January 2006
Six Days search.msn.com/results.aspx?srch=105&FORM=AS5&q=Edgar Kokkvold
28th January 2006
Six Days search.msn.com/results.aspx?srch=105&FORM=AS5&q=Edgar Kokkvold

So what is all the fuss about ?
All of these intrepid investigators from the gulf wanted to know about Edgar Kokkvold, possibly about to join the ranks of Salman Rushdie and Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and hopefully not Theo Van Gough. What is it about poor Edgar ? His Courage, and his support for the principle of free speech.

Last week, a number of Norwegian papers decided to support Denmark by publishing the controversial cartoons. They, too, have received death threats from Muslim radicals. Nevertheless, the general secretary of the Norwegian Press Association, Per Edgar Kokkvold, has said that he supports the decision by the Norwegian papers to publish the Muhammad cartoons. Muslim organizations in Norway have suggested that the media should be obliged to respect Muhammad and offered to give them some lessons about Islam, but Mr Kokkvold has another suggestion: Perhaps the Islamic Council in Norway should invite its members to a course about freedom of expression. “We have to stand up and fight for freedom of expression every single day. Freedom of expression is not something which comes as an appendix to other human rights, it is the premise for the other rights,” he said.
Sadly, Norway itself has yesterday dropped its trousers and bent over before their Mohammedan Masters in the Gulf. Denmark stands alone. That this is inexcusable is clear. This is further remarkable because Norway is an oil producer. The Gulf are competitors, not the local dealer with their next fix. So why the kowtowing ? Who knows...
Local Christian groups are also competing with their governement for the title of dhimmi-in-chief.

The letter Norway Foreign Ministry sent to its ambassadors in the Middle East was reflected in the press as well. The Ministry apologized for the uneasiness in the Muslim World caused by the newspaper's publication.

The letter sent to the ambassadors signed by the Ministry's Representative Anne Lene Dale read that Norway is deeply saddened for the unease a Norwegian newspaper caused in the Muslim world by publishing the cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. The cartoons published do not contribute to the inter religious activities, the letter further read. "It would be useful to state clearly that the Norwegian government condemns all kinds of actions and statements that pressures and insults people for their religion and race. Tolerance, mutual respect, and dialogue are the basic values of the Norwegian society and they are the foundation of our foreign policy."

The public opinion had reacted against the cartoons by the Magazinet with Christianity-based publication for insulting the Prophet Mohammed. The Church Charity Organization condemned the newspaper and made the declaration acknowledging that these publications hurt "Muslim brothers and sisters".
The Norwegian press also condemned that such a newspaper defending religious values published cartoons with insults to the Prophet Mohammed and interpreted the publication as "childish and unnecessary."

So Denmark is on its own. Our free speech is threatened worldwide. Meanwhile Iran is racing towards a nuke, HAMAS runs Judea, Samaria and Gaza, we are addicted to Gulf oil, Pakistan has nukes which it proliferated with impunity, and any new democracy in the Middle East is a victory for Islam.
Also, there is already no freedom of speech in the UK or Victoria.
As I said before, freedom of speech is our most vital resource. Seeing Islam for what it is happens to be the West's most powerful weapon. We cannot bring the others to bear without it.

[Update 30/1/2006]

Krusadin' Keith, our Rhodesian Rabbit-in-Residence, has added some pictures above, and has some more words to say to our new visitors, who are coming thick and fast from all over the Gulf, Egypt, and sadly parts of the Dar-al-Harb. Interstingly, it would appear that Six Days is getting past the mutawwa firewalls of Gulf Countries ! Let Feedom Reign...

Over to Keith:

Two pictures [added above - ed.] --one of a schoolchild dying as the result of the bombing of a schoolbus.The other is of the Horsehead Nebula, taken by the Hubble space telescope as it peers back towards the dawn of time and the birth of stars. Opposite ends of the spectrum of humanity.

I'd like to add a word in the ear of those visitors:
Almost EVERYTHING you use on a day-to-day basis, you owe to the Enlightenment (go look it up) and Western civilisation. From the computer you're using to the means to generate electricity, from the manufactured goods you consume to the cool air from your air conditioners. Damn near everything.Your adherance to a primitive and barbaric religion means that you will never join the modern world.
You may think you already HAVE joined the modern world because you enjoy the outward trappings of civilisation. But in fact you're no better than a goatherder. And that may be an insult to a simple, harmless goatherder.You've taken the fortuitous gift of oil under the sands of your region andsquandered it.Western geologists discovered it. Western engineers designed a way to tap it,transport it and refine it. You and your kind have been paid countless billions of dollars for a century for something you had no idea was there and had nothing to do with developing. With the huge profits from oil you've built damn-all of your own.
You have to rely largely on Western and Asian architects to design your buidlings and Western engineers to make them possible. Almost every aircraft that flies into your airports is a triumph of Western technology and Western freedom.Your best hospitals rely on Western specialists and nurses.You have achieved nothing, except to bring your primitive, nihilistic murdering habits to the doorstep of the West. A measure of your profound stupidity and hatred of civilised values is the fact that you would willingly destroy that which elevates your lives to something a little more enriching than herding goats and stoning women to death.You had enough money to build a space shuttle or a Hubble space telescope. To feed and educate your kids properly. To bring some relief to those parts of Africa and Asia that don't have a fraction of the natural wealth you enjoy. Instead you chose murder and war.
Update [30/1/2006- 8 pm]
More than double the usual number of visitors today, and most of them from the Middle East, looking for evidence of defamation of their prophet, who is apparently too much of a wuss to stand up for himself, and whose God is too insecure to tolerate detractors.
More menacing was another visit from the Aussie Thought Police.
(Department Of Communications And The Arts)
Australia, 0 returning visits
30th January 2006
Six DaysNo referring link

This is not the first time. Their last visit was far more thorough, and zeroed in on my rant on free speech of all things. It would appear that a blog that gets 25 hits on a good day is worthy of their attention. As I said before, your tax money, probably at work.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

To Love the Bear: Counter-Jihad or Cold War Continued ?

Lets forget HAMAS for a minute and focus on something far more interesting and world-changing: Iran.

Popular mandate: check.

WASHINGTON — Despite persistent disillusionment with the war in Iraq, a majority of Americans supports taking military action against Iran if that country continues to produce material that can be used to develop nuclear weapons, a Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll has found. The poll, conducted Sunday through Wednesday, found that 57% of Americans favor military intervention if Iran’s Islamic government pursues a program that could enable it
to build nuclear arms.

Sayonara, mullah? Sadly not quite. The popular mandate is surprising and welcome, but far from sufficient. There is the little matter of global energy interests, not just Iran's own huge oil production, but the potential destruction of oil production and supply across the Gulf. There is also Russian support for Iran (remember the Russian strategic nuclear arsenal)? Russia has no illusions about Iran, but must choose the lesser of two evils. Recent belliigirence by the US - including the Orange Mistake, cynical interference in Ukrainan politics that moved Ukraine out of the Russian sphere of influence - is a far more clear and present danger to the Russian Federation than even Iranian nukes aimed at Southern Russia (now in range) or Chechen rebels trained in Iran. Russia has gone so far as to build nuclear reactors for Iran, provide diplomatic cover for Iran's Manhattan Project and supplying Hamas with Grad Missles, Syria with Strela anti-aircraft systems and god knows what else to Iran. They do all this even while Arab jihadi terrorists (call them Al Qaeda if you like) fight side by side with Chechens and other Caucasian Muslims against Russia, causing horrific slaughters of civilians larger than any in Israel, culminating in Beslan.
This may seem contradictory but actually not too surprising given that Great War on Terror has been about containing Russia as much as it has been about fighting Islamism. The last four years have seen US troops placed in almost all ex-Soviet republics, forming a ring of steel around Russia. The Baltic states are in the EU. Ukraine is no longer a friend of Russia, and the future of the strategic Black Sea fleet in Sebastopol in the Crimea is uncertain. Passage to the Russian enclave of Transdniestr is not secure, and the Russian community there is in danger.
So, the solution is simple: the if the US wants to win WW IV they must put WW III on hold, and do what they did in WW II: make an ally of Russia against something far more sinister.
There is a counterargument to this, and that is that nothing threatens the security of the US like the Russian nuclear arsenal, and that forcing Russia to dismantle it has always been the main if unstated goal of US security policy.
The counter-counter argument here is that Russians are not suicidal. The question is not how many nukes they have but rather how likely they are to use any of them, and under what circumstances. Meanwhile the President of Iran seems to be actively working towards the end of the world, and lauds violent "martyrdom" as a worthy death, and the mullahs are racing towards their nuke...

Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Time To Choose

The US cannot keep their fantasy going anymore. Their democracy project has already spawned an Islamist constitution for a previously secular Iraq, and Islamist government for same, and large Muslim Brotherhood gains in Egypt. Now HAMAS, an offspring of the latter group, has won the "Palestinian" Authoritiy elections.

Mike Jericho has put it well

I will never recognise a state whose people elect a terrorist group to represent them. There is no Palestine. On a side note, does this mean - officially - that leftists have to stop saying that in Islam, terrorists and their supporters are a "small minority of extremists"?Because this outcome would kinda prove that I've been right all along.

The issue is, how will the US face this reality ? They are finally facing a stark choice: Either they admit that democracy can be a really bad idea when "The People" are themselves not so nice, or they start negotiating with terrorists. Compromises may be expected on both sides, and the fact is that the US was happy to negotiate with Yasser Arafat's PA, and Abu Mazen's PA. With a bit of spin doctoring, even HAMAS may be rehabilitated for US palatability, even as their jihad continues.

The correct lesson here is that democracy is only good in as far as it expresses the will of the people. It is an article of misguided and dangerous blind faith to suggest that the will of the people is itself good. There are several remedies that can be applied to a dysfunctional and dangerous culture, but self-determiniation is definitely not one of them, especially not self-determination as dictated by the will of a people with some very scary intentions. Democracy is like a handgun: something powerful, dangerous and very much a privelege. Not something you entrust to an unsupervised child, or a repeat violent offender.

Let us hope that the right inferences are drawn, and the right action taken.

Sadly, there is little reason for such hope. And I have not even mentioned the rather more "accomodating" attitudes of the EU, the UN and Russia...


Today is Australia Day. I take this opportunity to express gratitude and love for my adopted country, a model to the whole world. I am grateful for its welcome, and hope I have contributed sufficiently in return. I cherish this great, big, rich, sunburn, vibrant, cosmopolitan, diverse and highly tolerant land, there is no country like it.
I still do not fully understand your sports obesession, your tall poppy syndrome and dry humour. I still have difficulty with anti-intellectualism and the majority's proud ignorance of anything but sports, celebrities and the real estate market. I do not understand these things because you have grown up in paradise, and I had not. These are my faults, not yours. I would never ask that you change to accomodate me. This is neither my right nor my desire.
Australia, you have nothing to be ashamed of. Take it from a wog that belongs to more minorities than he cares to mention, who had to learn your language, adopt to your customs, and find his way through freedom and opportunity when all he knew was totalitarian grey.
You are strong. If your ignorant, backward, racist, totalitarian neighbours reject you it is due to their faults not yours. You stand by your friends and greater culture, and this is a virtue. You acquit yourself well every time you answer a frend's call to arms, and that is pride. You are slow to anger and this is refinement. You have rule of law and this is civilisation. You have a vibrant economy that becomes freer every year and this is prosperity. Your women are free and this is joy. Your streets are for the most part are safe and this is freedom.
I am grateful to Australia much as it still perplexes me. I love it, celebrate it, and hope that Victoria re-joins it one day.

Fun in France: Blue Revolution Protest Today!

Claude Reichman's Blue Revolution in France has still ro receive much attention in the MSM or the blogosphere. I wrote about them some weeks ago. Today, the 26th of January, is the day that the Blue Scarves are expected to protest in French Cities.

Here is an auto-transalation of the Blue Revolution Manifesto.
(Apologies if the material below is a little nonsensical. This is the result of automated translation from the French. French readers can read the original article)
Why the blue Revolution? Because the French political situation is completely blocked and that it rests from now on to the people to be made hear. The politicians are neither blind nor deaf. But they do not see and hear only what they want well. And as the media are failing, nothing comes to undeceive them, if not of time to other the result of an election, than they hasten to forget in order to prepare the following one.
The politico-media system is so well locked that no new political force can appear. So dissatisfaction and anger cannot borrow any more of another channel but the democratic despair, which appears by a massive abstention with the elections, or the violence, which seriously disturbs the life of the French and whose sequence can lead in the worst case, i.e. from the civil war.
The immense majority of the citizens only aspires to work and live in peace. It became impossible today for a number unceasingly growing of them, which are confronted with unemployment and the insecurity.The Socialists and the parliamentary line have alternated with the capacity for thirty years. And during these thirty years the situation of the country did not cease being degraded to lead to the current catastrophe.
This dramatic failure is due to the fact that these two camps make about the same policy. And all indicates that this false alternation will continue. In 2007 the French will be able to elect only one president and a parliamentary majority Socialists or UMP. In other words, nothing will change!
Under these conditions, the explosion is certain, and nothing says besides that it will not occur before the next electoral expiries.This is why it is urgent to act. The exasperated French must show themselves and be made hear. The means that we propose obtained from the results in Ukraine, with the orange Revolution, and obtains some regularly in Japan, where the employees, rather than to launch out in strikes who harm to them very as much as with their employers, raise an arm-band as a sign of dissatisfaction.
Meanwhile, French authorities are mercilessly cracking down on pork soup kitchens for the poor. That's right, the provision of traditional French cuisine to needy French people is racist, because it excludes Muslims and Jews. Not that the latter group would actually care. I am waiting to see an example of actual Jews actually complaining about this. For the record, this Jew says BRING ON THE BACON !
Heck, after a Le Pen/Sarkozy victory in 2007 I want to see the French legilature mandate that bacon essence be added to the water supply, and sprayed in a fine mist over France, the "Palestinian" "Occupied" Territories and Mecca while they are at it !

Finally, Sarkozy is proposing yet another jingoistic bandaid idea, more evidence that he is courting the right wing vote while refusing to suggest any serious solution to France's growing problem with the You-Know-Whos.

PARIS -- French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy has proposed a citizen volunteer force to fight growing crime and hooliganism spilling from the urban ghettoes of the country. The "citizens' reserve" would be unpaid and patrol the "sensitive areas," he said.

Critics immediately pointed out that such a force would have no legal authority and no weapons to resist aggression in the areas where they might be considered police informers. The proposal comes a day after Mr. Sarkozy announced a plan to create a railway force of 2,540 police and paramilitary gendarmes that would secure trains across various jurisdictions.
The need for such a force arose after a mob of more than a hundred youths, thought to be North African immigrants, terrorized passengers on atrain running from Nice to Lyon in southern France on New Year's Day.

On Sunday, a group of young rappers occupied the small Chenay-Gagny railway station, immobilized a Paris-bound train and blocked other lines until they were dispersed by a
tear-gas barrage.

What is really needed is mass deportations, onus of responsibility on community and religious leaders, and revocation of citizenship for those who behave in an antisocial manner and do no consider themselves part of the broader society in any case. Does Sarkozy have the balls for that ? I don't know, but Le Pen does.
Is Sarkozy moderating his rhetoric to attract the Villepin vote, while using blogosphere savvy to court the Le Pen vote ? Or is he a tough-talking (by French standards only) dhimmi wuss ? Time will tell.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The West Has Lost Its Nerve

[By Crusader Rabbit, edited slightly at his request]

The West has lost its nerve.

It has become a trite mantra, especially -although not exclusively-from the Left that the West is unbeatable on the battlefield, but cannot win the war against terrorism by military means. That position is at least arguable. What the West can do is lose the war at home. Let us be clear here: by"terrorism" I refer to radical Islamists, the action wing of Islam.
The failure of nerve of the West has its roots in several things. The first of these is the rise of an affluent class, which has been released from the brutal imperatives of working long hours for comparatively little money. They are free to adopt pet causes and pose as rebels against the values their parents once held. Since their parents were by and large struggling to bring up families on limited incomes, struggling to pay the mortgage on the family home while at the same time doing their best to give their kids a decent education, their values tended to be conservative. They had to be.
The rebellion against those values could thus only move one way:to the left. At the same time there was a "feminization" of the workforce. More and more families became two-income households and the inevitable result of that was to devalue women's contribution in building a stable and nurturing family home. The process was aided and abetted by radical feminism which denigrated the role ofwomen in the home.
The increased participation of women in the workforce was not entirely a good news story in the workplace either. And here is where I am going to cop some abuse. These are of necessity generalisations and I have no intention of defending or arguing every nitpicking point, ok?
Female teachers, from kindergarten onwards have brought to their jobs an amazing level of ignorance in differences between boys and girls in terms of their development. It is no accident that boys are falling steadily further and further behind girls at school, because schools employ a disproportionate number of female teachers. Young boys need male role-models and they need to be engaged by those subjects that interest them. Kindergarten teachers who ban very young boys from playing "cowboys and indians", who fret about male bullying while being too blind or stupid to recognise the equally vicious non-physical bullying that girls are prone to, who set texts for a class to read that are perhaps engaging to girls but mind-numbingly boring to boys - these teachers have caused an enormous amount of damage.
The ideals of "courage, duty, honour" are masculine ideals. I am not at all saying that women cannot also value these ideals. But I believe that these are essentially masculine, and that any man who doesn't value them is much less of a man for it. It is exactly that--"courage, duty, honour" that the trendy lefties, the lofty intellectuals of our age and every smart-arse scam artist who makes it big in politics denigrates.
For the West to make a stand against those who would destroy it we need more than bullets and bombs, more than good intelligence inputs, more than airport luggage screening.
We need confidence. The confidence to stand up and say that Islam has no place in the West. To say that a religion based on a paedophile prophet who preached murder and amputation and the second-class status of women is an abomination to all civilised values. In short, we have to make a value judgement. Derrida is dead. The whole filthy business of moral relativism also needs to be buried.When followers of a religion rape and bomb and shoot schoolchildren we have no obligation to try and sort out which followers of that religion are prepared to commit such an outrage from those who aren't. It is Islam's problem, let themfirst fix it and then come knocking on the door of civilisation for admission. Confidence, people. In a great civilisation and the values it embodies.

The Rabbit Cometh

I welcome a new addition to the Six Days crew. Please welcome Crusader Rabbit, who is much more of the former and far less of the latter. He is too modest in what he will allow me to say about him, but there is a little that I can share with you.
Without giving anything more away, I will say that it is an honour to host such a contributor. I look forward to plenty of regular contributions from him, the first of which will be presented to you shortly.
Anyway, here is what little declassified intel I can share with you:
Crusader Rabbit:
Australian, ex-African.
Spent the past few years in the Northern Territory and Torres Straits living in remote communities.
Old. grumpy.
A passionate believer in Western civilisation and its values.
Now living (possibly temporarily) in New Zealand.
Here is what I said to CR when I invited him to blog, which took some convincing. This is a message for all of you non-writing lurkers out there:

Every voice counts, and yours is more eloquent than you give yourself credit. The fact is that when you type "Islam" into Blogger search, you get mostly anti-dhimmitude. This is a small but vital victory, made possible by the plurality of right wing voices on the blogosphere.Add your valuable voice. your confidence will grow in time.


Add your valuable voice. Not that you do not do so already, in valuable, thoughtful comments on other blogs. But do take that next step.This is not about shyness or vanity, eloquence or awkwardness. This is about nothing less than saving civilisation.

I say the same to all of you more generally: do not be silent, your online voice is a political lever, a weapon, a tool of change. You are educated, literate, interested, informed. AND YOU DO HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY.
So add to the critical mass. Push Google, Yahoo, Blogger etc and finally the MSM and ultimately the West in the direction that you want it to go in ! This is even more important than voting...
So go get writing!

Why I Detest the BBC

This is why Britain is done for, and yet another reason why we should all be grateful for Mike Jericho's return to the blogosphere.
It is inconceivable that religion has become the new race, and that in some places certain religions are now beyond reporoach by law. Why is it possible to criticise, ridicule and fear Nazism and its followers, but not Islam ? Why is the addition of supernatural irrationality to a murderous, oppressive and intolerant ideology just grounds for its continuing impunity ? Why must intolerance be tolerated ? Why is this applied unequally, with Christianity continuing to draw the media's contempt?
Obviously, the powers that be in the UK think that even asking such questions is verboten.
The Beeb is surprised that Iraqis and Afghans are among the most optimistic people in the world. I am not surprised they are surpised, particularly in light of the above article from Mike.
I do wonder how surprised they really are though. I in turn would be surprised if the Beeb were not a actually a little ticked off, and feeling a little betrayed by these good people who it was hoped would stand against the evil British Government oppressors paying the BBC's bills.
Countering the Beeb, Jazeera, Al Manar and Hezbollah TV, as well as Their ABC here in Oz, here are reasons to be cautiously optimistic about Iraq. Incidentally, the 10 day gap in IED deaths is a real mystery to me. Does anyone know the reason ? Or is this an accounting error ?
Finally, here is a Beeb interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali. [Hat Tip: Dhimmiwatch] Listen carefully to the interviewer's tone, especially at the beginning of the interview.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

NSW Police Force Grows a Pair : What Next ?

This is the most interesting news all week, and it comes from our very own Sydney of all places!
Yes, the Conservatives won in Canada and that is good, but the news below is nothing short of ASTOUNDING....
While neither Iemma, nor Moroney, nor any other senior figure in the Police Force will admit that the Police response to the Cronulla aftermath was pure limp-wristed appeasement, at least the signals are strong that appeasement is at an end.

Iemma has been busy with window dressing , too little, too late. [Hat Tip: A Western Heart]
Superintentent McKay on the other hand is ready to call a spade a spade. Maybe Iemma has some spine after all, and if not then some independently-minded senior copper does, and this is perhaps even better.
Most tellingly, it looks like a certain demographic and its spokesmen are being held to account by none less than senior police!

Superintendent McKay complained yesterday that only five people had come orward to help police since that footage was released last week. He had expected 100. "Senior members of the Arabic community need to really have a close look at themselves and start … identifying these people. The only people that know these people out there are members of the Middle Eastern community … They need to stand up and … be held accountable for the actions of people in the community."
When the Herald later asked to whom he was referring to, a spokeswoman identified Mr Trad, the president of the Islamic Friendship Association, as one who could do more to identify culprits. Mr Trad denied shielding criminals, saying: "This is unfair. I am dumbfounded by it really. I spent most of Saturday helping the police."
He accompanied Ahmed Jajieh, the one man interviewed over the Cronulla bashing, to a police station on Saturday. Mr Jajieh told them he had helped protect the bashing victim, known as Steve B, from 30 attackers, but police are frustrated because they believe he may have known some of them. Mr Trad said he was contacted by the family of Mr Jajieh, whom he called "this hero", and agreed to accompany him for a voluntary interview. Mr Trad said he had met Mr Moroney and offered to find Islamic youth leaders who would help identify men in the video. The Lebanese Muslims Association president, Ahmad Kamaleddine, also took offence at Superintendent McKay's remarks.

Of course they took offence. The difference is, the public no longer buys this kind of deflection, and even Iemma has been forced to take notice.

What will be interesting, and perhaps frightening is the response from the Lebanese Muslim community if they see all appeals to "tolerance" fail and are forced to deal with a police force and community calling their leaders and spokespeople to account. Names will have to be named, real cooperation will have to be extended, responsibility will have to be shouldered, parental attitudes, religious sermons and schooling will be scrutinised.
What will the reaction be when anger and cries of "victim" do not wash ?

There will be another undercurrent, and we have already seen this in Denmark.
The target will not be freedom of speech, but another weapon against dhimmitude: an empowered police force. The weapons will however be the same.

A three pronged assault:

Violent Initimidation: violence and threats against politicians, journalists and policemen, senior and frontline.

Lawfare: Legal cases levelled against all of the figures listed above through the Australian legal system.

International Intimidation: Appeals to the UN, Arab League, Organisation of Islamic States, ASEAN, economic and diplomatic isolation of Australia, use of the Oil Weapon etc.

Lets hope that Australia is as resolute before this onslaught as Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands have proven to be so far. What if we do not bend before this onslaught ?

One surprising side effect is that Moderate Muslims worthy of the name actually start coming out of the woodwork and becoming part of the solution.

But what else is there to expect ? The rest does not look so rosy. The dishonour brought to a Muslim minority used to getting its own way may be too much to bear. (great article, btw. [Hat Tip: Dr Sanity] )

Honor killings of women are all too common in Arab culture, and importantly are not dissuaded by the tenets of Islam.

Other expressions of the shame culture that are obvious is the rampant psychological projection and refusal to accept responsibility for the atrocities committed in the name of Islam. Not only are we regularly subjected to imams, religious leaders, and leaders of Muslim states stating even now that 9/11 or the London bombings were not committed by Muslims; they also regularly blame the Jews for such acts. In this way they can avoid the shame that taking responsibility for evil.

Additionally, the emphasis by CAIR and other Muslim organizations in demanding that any statement that criticizes or even suggests blame or responsibility by Islam for terror, be retracted or apologized for, is also just a part of the shame-avoidant dance that leads the culture into the blurry realms of delusion.

Finally, it is not surprising that the most murderous thugs espousing religious ideals as they brutally cut off the heads of infidels are hidden behind masks and dare not reveal themselves to the world. I suspect that on some deep level they know that their "pride" in their sick behavior would be more difficult to boast about if they were not anonymous. "If no one knows it is me committing these acts, then I am not shamed," after all.

Will the Muslim community, leaders and all become model citizens? Will they start delivering their miscreants into the arms of the law, and educating them to behave better ? Perhaps. Past behaviour, and religious teachings regading the treatment of fellow believers may indicate otherwise.

The result may be an escalating cycle of denial, violence, lawfare and attempts to defame Australia on the international Arena. The latter two may become increasingly weak and eventually die down as the wider community and politicians close ranks. Muslim violence and threats may continue to escalate. This would be followed by the wider community's outrage and further scrutiny and pressure on the community in question.

Perhaps noone will notice when at some point the line will be crossed from common or garden violence to the "T" word. In fact, that line may already been crossed at Maroubra...

The logical conclusions of this may be rather scary. I hope that our police and other security services are prepared. Bombings and assasinations have been committed in places like the UK and pre-Van-Gough-murder Netherlands, where the government and police have shown far less resistance and appeasement was the order of the day. What will be the Jihad's payback to a city that shows backbone ?

2006 may be be a testing year for Sydney, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands and the greater Dar-al-Harb.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Viking Courage and True Moderate Muslims

The Jyllands-Posten affair continues to reverberate. Recent developments include Islamic international action against Denmark. For a moment, it looked like Denmark might crumble. Comments by the Danish Foreign Minister Per Stig Moller seemed to indicate that he had given in, and ignited a frenzy of truimphalism in the Muslim World.
Luckily, this hollow "victory" (actually some superficial and failed diplomacy) was short-lived. In fact, Denmark's heroic Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen made it clear that he was shocked at the ungrateful and mendacious behaviour of his supposed countryment of Muslim faith.
“I am speechless that those people, whom we have given the right to live in Denmark and where they freely have chosen to stay, are now touring Arab countries and inciting antipathy towards Denmark and the Danish people”
Misrepresent they did, even adding three new and rather crude cartoons to the original twelve.

But now it appears that Denmark is not caving after all. An appeal against the cartoons has been overtunred by the Danish public prosecutor. They have now taken the case to the EU court of human rights (presumably their human right not to hear criticism of their 1300 years dead prophet trumps any human right to free speech)
A recent article in the Brussels Journal shows that in Denmark and Norway at least, the Vikings are very much alive and Eurabia will be fought, stopped at the gates and perhaps even defeated. Recent events show that Scandanavian fortitude is alive, kicking, increasingly confrontational and consistently truimphant.
Norways' cartoonists have taken up the struggle, and the Norwegian Press Association is right behind them, serving Islamists who would re-educate Western journalists a well-deserved slap.

Last week, a number of Norwegian papers decided to support Denmark by publishing the controversial cartoons. They, too, have received death threats from Muslim radicals. Nevertheless, the general secretary of the Norwegian Press Association, Per Edgar Kokkvold, has said that he supports the decision by the Norwegian papers to publish the Muhammad cartoons. Muslim organizations in Norway have suggested that the media should be obliged to respect Muhammad and offered to give them some lessons about Islam, but Mr Kokkvold has another suggestion: Perhaps the Islamic Council in Norway should invite its members to a course about freedom of expression. “We have to stand up and fight for freedom of expression every single day. Freedom of expression is not something which comes as an appendix to other human rights, it is the premise for the other rights,” he said.

Most importantly: real Moderate Muslims in Denmark are finally speaking out about the far from moderate leadership that represents them. They want to be Westerners first and Muslims second. Inshallah, their voices will be heard around the world, and true Moderate Muslims will join the right side of the Clash of Civilisations. One wonders if their courage was made possible by that of their non-Muslim compatriots.

Instead of the Danish government surrendering to Muslim radicals, moderate Danish Muslims are now speaking out against the extremists. A group of Muslims in the Danish city of Århus intend to organize a network of Muslims who do not want to be represented by
fundamentalist Danish imams or others who preach the Sharia laws and oppression of women. “There is a large group of Muslims in this city who want to live in a secular society and adhere to the principle that religion is an issue between them and God and not something that should involve society,” said Bünyamin Simsek, a city councillor and one of the organizers. Århus
witnessed severe riots after the publication of the cartoons in the newspaper Jyllands-Posten last Autumn.
In Copenhagen, too, moderate Muslims are speaking out. Hadi Kahn, an IT consultant and the chairman of the Organization of Pakistani Students in Denmark (OPSA), describes himself as a modern Muslim living in a Western society. He says that he
does not feel he is being represented by the Muslim groups. When he goes to the mosque for Friday prayers he says the imam does not say much that is useful for him. “We have no need for imams in Denmark. They do not do anything for us,” he says. According to Mr Kahn the imams are not in touch with Danish society. He says too few of them speak Danish and too few of them are opposed to stoning as a punishment.

Hold fast Scandanavia. Let us hope the rest of Europe learns from your examples. And may Sweden come to its senses before it is too late...

Friday, January 20, 2006

Another one, this time with critters !

Welcome to the Sydney Blogosphere, Tank Stream !

Looks like they set up quite recently, and had the good taste to link to Six Days. They had the questionable taste of naming themselves after native animals (and a Cane Toad) and the poor taste to be the only ones commenting on their own blog. Early days, I suppose. Most importantly, they appear to be no dhimmis.

And so a new Harbour City RWDB blog with an obscure name is apparently born!

Now cut out the undergraduate humour and actually write something.

Must say I like the cut of the Wombat's jib.

Deary deary me...

Islam Beheaded: Pure Distilled Anti-Dhimmitude

Occassionally one comes across an article that states a vital fact articulately, concisely and mercilessly, and provides much needed clarity on a difficult topic. "Islam Beheaded" by David Wood in FrontPage magazine is one such article. This is an article to bookmark, frame, and send to all incredulous friends still in the shackles of dhimmitude. One key contribution of the article is a clear presentation of the moral doublethink present in the Muslim mindset. This dissonance is a result of Islam defining Mohammad to be the human moral standard. Another key issue highlighted concerns Mohammed's good deeds, and how they are to be correctly judged in light of his more nefarious mass slaughter, rape, plunder and insanity.

Muhammad's empire of faith has managed to thrive in the modern world for one simple reason: Muslims have kept Muhammad's dark past a secret. Indeed, they have gone beyond keeping it a secret; they have somehow convinced themselves (and many others) that Muhammad was an outstanding moral example, perhaps even the greatest moral example of all time. Perpetuating this fraud has been, in my opinion, the most stupendous deception in world history.
True, there are plenty of instances in Muhammad's life that one could view as the deeds of a moral individual, and Muslims are quick to point out his acts of charity and his dedication to prayer. However, in assessing the overall character of a man, we must take into account all of his actions, not just the ones that support our feelings about him. For instance, suppose I become convinced that the greatest person in history was a man named John Gacy. I could point to his charity work at local hospitals, to his activities in the Boy Scouts and the Jaycees[2], to his patient endurance of numerous physical ailments, to his community activities such as neighborhood barbecues and other social gatherings, to his generosity to others, to his dedication to his family, and to his outstanding work ethic, which made him one
of the pillars of his local business community. Yet, if I am to make a case for the moral superiority of Mr. Gacy, I must not leave out the fact that he raped, tortured, and murdered more than thirty boys and buried them under his house.

Muhammad was guilty of countless murders and of torturing his victims. He robbed caravans and participated in the slave-trade. His persecution of the Jews bordered on genocide. His polygamy went beyond that which even his own revelations permitted (though he did receive a revelation saying that this was okay for him). One of his wives was a nine-year-old girl, whose earliest duties in Muhammad's house included the constant task of washing the semen stains off his clothes. At times he believed he was demon-possessed or under the effect of magic. He was known to be suicidal. He admittedly received a message from Satan and delivered it to the people as if it were from God. He declared that women have half the intellectual ability that men have, that it is okay for men to beat their wives, that most of the inhabitants of hell are women, and that, even if a woman somehow makes it to heaven, her eternity will consist of standing in a corner, waiting for men to sexually enjoy her.

These details about Muhammad raise a very important question: What does a prophet have to do before Muslims will be willing to question whether he is truly the greatest moral example in history? Normally, when we say that someone is a moral person, we mean that he doesn't commit acts such as robbery and murder. Yet Muhammad did all these things and much more. It appears, then, that Muslims are using the term "moral" in a very unique way. In this uniquely Muslim sense of the term, the word "moral" is defined as "whatever Muhammad does." Thus, if Muhammad were to chop off the heads of hundreds of people (which he did), this act would still be defined as a moral act, since Muhammad did it, and anything Muhammad does is, by definition, moral.But this raises another important question. If God's greatest prophet is free to take part in murder, robbery, genocide, and slave-trading, can we really point a finger at people like Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein and say that they are evil? They killed many innocents, but so did Muhammad. Saddam tortured countless people, but so did Muhammad. In fact, one could make a case that Osama bin Laden is morally superior to Muhammad, for, while bin Laden killed thousands of people, he didn't sell their wives and children into slavery, or have sex with a little girl, or marry more than a dozen women.

The truth about Muhammad has been one of the world's best-kept secrets. For centuries, it has been virtually impossible to raise objections about the character of Muhammad in Muslim countries, for anyone who raised such objections would (following the example set by Muhammad himself) immediately be killed. Outside the Muslim world, there has been little interest in Islam, and those who have been interested have typically relied on modern Muslim reports about Muhammad, such as the above passage from Mawdudi. But things have changed. Now many people are interested in Islam, and Muslims aren't able to silence everyone. Moreover, with the advent of the Internet, it is now impossible to keep Muhammad's life a secret. The facts about the founder of Islam are spreading very rapidly, and Muslims are frantically scurrying to defend their faith. But the information superhighway is paving over the ignorance that has for centuries been the stronghold of Islamic dogma. In the end, Islam will fall, for the entire structure is built upon the belief that Muhammad was the greatest moral example in history, and this belief is demonstrably false.

Read It All.

Read it, send it, memorise the arguments and investigate all linked articles (there are many).

Here are all the anti-dhimmi arguments you need to enrage Islamists, confuse lefties, convert the general public and get the attention of the Thought Police, particularly if you live in freedom-deficient places like Victoria or the UK.


Mohammad was not a nice man. Islam is not a nice religion. Muslims, well meaning or not, are associating themselves with some inexcusably nasty teachings that are absolutely NOT comparable with any other major religion.

And don't give me any of that crap about the Crusades either.

1. Find me a case of Jesus acting on the same moral level as Muhammad, or suggesting that murder, rape, plunder are good things to do. Crusaders were NOT following Jesus' teachings. The Vatican may not have been either. This does not make Jesus like Mohammad, or Christianity anything like Islam.

2. Islam conquered the Levant, Middle East, along with North Africa and a good chunk of Central Asia 300 years before the crusades. The Crusades were a failed small scale reconquista of Christian territory. The Holy Land is NOT Dar al Islam !!! What, the Christians had no right to it either ? That means that the rightful inhabitants are... What, right of conquest and settlement over generations is final ? That still means that the rightful inhabitants are...

3. We do not need to deal with Richard the Lionheart or a horde of bloodthirsty knights. We need to deal with Bin Laden and up to 1.2 billion accomplices and cheerleaders, an Oil Weapon, and a growing number of nuclear missles of increasing range, in a growing number of ROP countries.

4. The real problem with so many Christians is not their propensity to take off on Crusades. The problem is how like their peaceful, beatific, moral Jesus and unlike the Crusaders they have become. Great guys to have as your neighbours but lousy in a global conflict, turning cheeks when other religions prescribe the extraction of eyes and teeth. But some of them do get it.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Thought Police: Home and Abroad

Well, after less than two months, and a reading public of , um, dozens?, looks like this blog has already attracted the attention it apparently deserves. Today we had the honour of receiving some extensive attention from none less than the OZ Government's Department of Communication, Information Technology and the Arts. These are the guys who look into any complaints that you good readers care to make about objectionable material on the Internet.

Anyway, imagine my surprise to see the following on my meagre traffic statistics:

proxy.dcita.gov.au (Department Of Communications And The Arts)
Australia, 0 returning visits
Date Time WebPage
18th January 2006 12:31:59 Six Days No referring link
18th January 2006 12:43:29 Six Days No referring link
18th January 2006 12:47:43 Six Days No referring link
18th January 2006 12:54:26 Six Days No referring link
18th January 2006 13:52:04 Six Days No referring link
18th January 2006 13:55:16 Six Days No referring link
18th January 2006 14:02:15 Six Days No referring link
18th January 2006 14:04:57 Six Days No referring link
18th January 2006 14:15:58 Six Days No referring link
18th January 2006 14:19:49 Six Days No referring link
18th January 2006 14:21:28 Six Days No referring link
18th January 2006 14:25:48 Six Days No referring link
18th January 2006 14:25:55 Six Days: Gagging Us sixdaysmore.blogspot.com/

18th January 2006 14:27:34 Six Days: Gagging Us sixdaysmore.blogspot.com/

18th January 2006 14:30:30 Six Days No referring link

That's right folks, your tax dollars, quite probably at work.
You will note that:
This individual felt compelled to press "refresh" every two or three minutes. A tad obsessive perhaps ?
They took a well-deserved, Government-regulation lunch break, and were dilligent enough to return to work in 58 mintues, donating 2 minutes of their valuable time to important Government business.
They initially satisfied themselves with constantly reloading the home page of the blog, perhaps because they could not believe what they were reading, or were paralysed in politically correct rage. The really interesting bit is towards the end of their walk on the wild side, where, most ironically, they homed in on the article titled "Gagging Us", which they felt compelled to refresh only once.
Ironically, "Gagging Us" is about the loss of freedom of speech, and the use of Thought Police along with "tolerance" and "hate speech" laws to silence essential debate...
IF this was instead an innocent, friendly visit from a well-meaning individual misusing their work computer for private purposes (highly doubtful):
1. Welcome to Six Days, please drop a comment to let me know what you think of the site !
2. Shame on you for goofing off at work. Doesn't your Department have important work for you to do?
Hi, please leave a comment anyway, and please let me know what was so objectionable and why. Lets talk about this. Perhaps you may even convince me, and I will amend the matter in question.
Perhaps this was all to be expected. This blog has attracted some rather odd attention for a long time. Every day, without fail, for as long as this blog has had a statcounter, we receive a home page scan from a rather curious visitor: The ISP is in Dubai, but the origin is in Ar Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Perhaps this is some poor Western schmo looking for a glimmer of truth behing the Great Anti-Kufr Firewall of Saudi Arabia. Then again, they did get past the firewall, didn't they ? Perhaps it is the kind of guy whose job it is to keep the firewall up in the first place.
So, a heartly Kufr Aleikum from Six Days to any muttawa who might be monitoring this site with such relentless and unnatural interest, and a "Hi, Welcome to Six Days, what the hell are you doing in Saudi, are you insane?" to anyone otherwise innocently curious.

Bravado aside, yes, if anyone is wondering, this kind of thing does upset me.

You Go, Girl !

Yesss !

[Hat Tip: Dean's World]

Nice to see something appropriate in this arena for a change. Not holding much hope that aything will come of it, but a nice gesture regardless. Almost makes me reconsider some of my utter contempt for the Nobel Peace Prize...

A Norwegian parliamentarian has nominated Ayaan Hirsi Ali for the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize (article in Dutch). Christian Tybring-Gjedde, who is conservative, argues that there is no better candidate. "She fights for equality, equal treatment, freedom of opinion and expression and freedom of religion with its life as commitment", he told Dagsavisen newspaper about the Dutch moderate-conservative parliamentarian, feminist, and atheist.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Twisting the UN's Arms

Some interesting news on the UN front.

Look like Iran will finally be referred to the UN Security Council. Not that sanctions should worry the oil-rich loonocracy, but even this is surprising.
It also looks like Russia and China are not standing in the way. How could this be ? The American Thinker has a theory: the US has collected much information from Iraq, and it includes the goods on the leaders of the rest of the Security Council. Good heavens, is the US blackmailing the rest of the Security Council to clear the way for the American geopolitical agenda ? The next steps in the Iran saga will be a good indicator.

Here’s a thought. The US has a big cache of documents showing that Chirac and de Villepin received Oil-for-Food moneys from Saddam, contrary to their own laws. So did Putin. So did the Chinese. The US could leak some interesting stories to the international press, probably enough to defeat de Villepin’s election run for president of France, and to embarass Putin in Moscow. Even China’s corrupt politicians might get a little nervous. The Communist Party has been known to turn on corruption when it becomes too public.
The US has now had four years to study 2 million documents from Saddam’s secret archives. A lot of Baath Party torturers must have been eager to talk to the US, just as the Nazis were eager to cooperate after WWII. There must be thousands of Kurds and Shiites out there gunning for their old Baath enemies. So there must be a steady flow of intelligence about Oil for Food and a lot of other Saddam-era influence buying
abroad. It defies belief to think that we just haven’t asked anybody how Saddam managed to buy at least three of the five permanent members of the Security Council.
Would it be silly to think that we have the goods on Chirac and Putin? Do we know who was bought off by Saddam’s oil in Beijing? Has Dr. Rice been dropping quiet hints in her travels to those places?

John Bolton has made a formal complaint to Kofi Annan regarding the UN's shameful annual "International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People", an event attended by Kofi Annan as well as General Assembly President Jan Eliasson and Russian Ambassador Andrei Denisov, the Security Council president for November.
The event featured a prominently placed map of the Middle East, sans Israel, just like Mahmoud Ahemarmageddon of Iran has in mind.

The Weekend Australian has a great article on John Bolton. This is far from glowing acclaim, but paints a picture of exactly the man that Washington, and the entire Western World needs to represent the US at the White House. Lets hope that a miracle shifts the US congress, and that Bolton can indeed be re-appointed in 2007.

Interestingly, HAMAS has removed the destruction of Israel from its list of official goals. Not that this is likely to stop being their real goal, announced in rallies and worked towards with suicide bombs, missiles, funding of "Martyr"'s families and the dehumanising militarisation of their children. Looks like they want that funding from the US pretty badly too. All that semtex costs money.
Hopefully the US has more sense than to open its coffers to a terrorist organisation merely because their most obscene goal is no longer explicit. There is still the matter of their being a terrorist organisation.
Sadly, this token gesture is probably more than enough for the remainder of the "Quartet", whose less than explicit objectives are probably not too different from those of the born-again HAMAS.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Moderating Islam

Manny asks if Islam can be moderated.

I would suggest some further questions to consider including:

What do we really mean by moderate ? Is it up to the Islamic world to define this term, or do we need our own definition ?

How influential and enfranchised are true moderates ? What does the Islamic world think of the likes of Irshad Manji ?

Does Islam even WANT to moderate ? Are the segments of the population that want to moderate large, influential, prepared to face the dangers that a movement to true moderation would require ? Would a truly moderate segment even remain of the same religion as the rest, and which way is the influence stronger (experience shows "moderates" becoming Wahhabi suicide bombers. Have seen less extremists becoming moderates. This is consistent with the radicalisation of the Islamic world since the relatively secular 60s)

Does it help to moderate even 50%, if a remaining 50% remain as they are, or radicalise further ? Is moderation in Algeria and Morocco sufficient if a nuclear armed Pakistan and Iran radicalise even further ?

What if the moderates are already a majority, but they allow radicals to pose as their spokesman, to act as their religious leaders and scholars, and they all identify politically on key issues, and worse, present as a united block for voting purposes in Western countries ?

What if the moderation process is occurring, but far too slowly ?

What if the only impetus for true moderation is external ? How do we IMPOSE moderation ?

A final thought: The most robust critics of Islam are ex-Muslims.(Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Ibn Warraq, Ali Sina,Salman Rushdie)

There are far fewer truly vocal and honest moderate reformers. The disenfranchised, irrelevant Irshad Manji comes to mind. So does the well-meant but extremely poorly attended "Muslims Against Religious Terrorism" march in Washington, boycotted by all major Muslim organisations in the US. Stephen Shwartz, Sufi, is certainly no radical, and undrestands the need for reform. A well meaning apologist for Islam, he addresses the problems of the radical side, but could be more honest about the inherent fundamentalist nature of the religion, and the inflexible attitude resulting from it, combined with the rather disturbing Koran passages that are enshrines as the literal, final, perfect and eternal word of God.

I have not seen any of these reformers taken seriously by mainstream Muslim religious figures. I have however seen them derided and rejected by many rank and file Muslims. They would probably not be very safe in much of the Islamic world. The works of would-be reformers like Manji and Schwarz are largely for Western consumption.

The net effect that such Western-based would-be reformers have is thus rather negative, however well meant. All their efforts go towards convincing us that there are these interesting, vibrant moderate reformers in the Islamic world. None of their efforts affect the Islamic world itself. They are thus effectively propagandists and apologists for unreformed Islam, if only because the only audience they have is a Western world desperate to see evidence of the moderate Islam that it wants to believe in.

History shows that the most effective moderator of Islam was Kemal Mustafa Ataturk. He was neither kind, nor understanding, but rather militantly, aggressively secularist and Westward looking. Perhaps this is where any moderation process would need to start. I would also suggest that Ataturk did not go far enough to address the divinely literal nature of the Koran. He addressed the social issues, but not the theological ones, thus paving the way for the current Islamist resurgence, and the current Islamist government. Perhaps externally imposed, government mandated theological reform, and aggressive secularisation may be the only realistic, effective option.

[Update: 15/1/2006]

A timely article by the relentless Robert Spencer of Jihadwatch: "What is a Moderate Muslim?"

Friday, January 13, 2006

Good News You May Have Missed

Here is a roundup of things that make me cautiously optimistic. You would have to look quite hard to find some of these even on the blogsphere. Forget finding most of them anywhere on the MSM.

1. US Military IED Deaths in Iraq seem to be falling. Only 11 for the 13 days of January. By recent trends, this is a badly needed improvement. Not that this diminishes the pain of the families and friends of the fallen. Also note the overall fatality figures, which also appear to be falling, with IED deaths an increasing proportion of total fatalities.

2.On a related note, an Israeli company has used nanotechnology to create armour five times stronger than steel! [Hat Tip: Worldtribune]
Lets hope they succeed, and produce copious quantities of the stuff soon.

3. Type "Islam" into Blogger search and look at the results. Pages and pages of them. On one key topic at least the blogsphere is the sheer antithesis of the MSM. Maybe this tells you a lot about MSM bias, and the nature of blogging. Maybe the "Islam is Peace" types do not need to blog. They have the media and goverment departments spreading that crap already.
In any case, I am smiling.

4. The Blue Scarves and their Blue Revolution have not got much attention in the MSM or the blogsphere. (This is a comments page, so use the "find" function to look for all related posts on this page by typing the search word "blue"). Find out about them. Hopefully they will change France. You might want to buy a blue scarf of your own after you read this stuff.
The Blue Revolution Website (in French)
An English Translation (From Google translator, so not too good...)

5. While most takes on Denmark focus on the Government's apparent surrender to Islamofascist bullying, here is a rather more optimistic take from Gates of Vienna [shtreimel tip: Manny]

6. Speaking of Jyllands-Posten, there is now another Islam-related cartoon crisis brewing in Norway. [Hat Tip: Jihad Watch]

7. The Pentagon is finally taking Islam seriously (yes, this was all over the blogsphere. Where did it go ? This is VITAL !) Here is what the moonbats think about this.

8. Iran, Ahmedinejad, "peaceful" nukes... Even Canada wants to refer them to the UN Security Council! Of course, China and Russia will see that nothing is done, but then even Canada will look like fools unless they tell the UN to stick it, and go with good ole Intra-Western Unilateralist ass-kickin'.

9. Khaddam, former Syrian VP, accuses Assad directly of ordering Hariri murder. Goodbye Assad, and the whole Baath tyrranokleptocracy. Lets hope noone in the US State Department allows the Muslim Brotherhood to replace the Assads...

[Update at an ungodly hour barely 14/1/2006]

Cynic writes:

With regard to good news #9 I read in a Brazilian online news site (Portuguese)

that a majority of the Lebanese Parliament rejected a plan drawn up, without Lebanon's participation, by the Saudi king, Egypt's Mubarak and baby face Assad for Lebanon to normalize its relations with Assad.#7. You should qualify who these moonbats are:Louay M. Safi,Mohamed Elmasry,Iqbal Jassatand of course the useful foolish dhimmis manning the RoPbot stage.

10. I have long awaited the time when Western gays and feminists would wake up to their compatibility with Islam. Gays in particular have yet to show a general awakening in this regard, and while they pour scorn on relatively harmless churches, they ignore a religion that actively persecutes gays abroad and has made gay capitals such as Amsterdam no longer gay-safe. While notable gays such as Pim Fortyn have been anti-dhimmi pioneers, they have been lone voices, and the gay community outside the Netherlands is still very much a part of the left wing rainbow.
It was heartening therefore to see that one British gay group at least has a somewhat different view, for which they are getting in trouble:

(check out their site www.galha.org and search for "Islam".)

It was laughably ironic then to see that two days ago Sir Iqbal Sacranie himself is being investigated for homophobia by the British thought police, because in the UK freedom of speech does not exist. [Hat tip: Silent Running]

(note that there are a few gay anti-dhimmis on the 'sphere, some of them absolutely hilarious)

11. Abu Hamza aka "Hook" is finally on trial

12. Uhh, I can't really call this good news, can I? Oops...

13. Saudi Arabia's state-sponsored clergy gives us wonderful ammo right on Saudi TV. Where are the loud, unequivocal voices of condemnation from the rest of the Muslim world ?

Save this link in your "nice things Muslims say about us" folder. Send this to anyone who promotes that old "tolerance" garbage. Or anyone who thinks that the Saudis are our allies.

This is good news because even when the evil Zionists/Halliburton/GitMourge W. McBushitler/Zeta Reticulans/Easter Bunny/anyone but Muslims attack on Sept 11, impersonate jihadis in Iraq and force Muslims wordwide to wear tinfoil under their scullcaps to evade the evil ZioNeoCon mindrays they still somehow fail to damage the reputation of Islam as much as Muslims do themselves.

There will be cries of "these guys are not real Muslims" etc. That's nice. Then they need to explain to us why 80% of US mosques have been allowed to be taken over by the Saudi version of Islam...

14. In Australia's State of New South Wales (the state where Sydney is located) recent riots have reminded everyone about the P in ROP. The response by the police has been undrewhelming to say the least, and this has been the case for quite a long time.

The State government is the Labor (Leftie) party, which relies on ROP votes. The opposition Liberal party(John Howard's party. They have the federal government, but not NSW state. Liberal = conservative, believe it or not!) has taken an interesting step. The leader of the State Opposition, Peter Debnham, has said what many Sydneysiders have long thought: that the police are too soft on Middle Eastern crime (Read Muslim Middle Eastern crime. The very large Christian Lebanese and Coptic communities are no trouble). He also suggests that this might be because of the relationship between certain communities and the Labor party, something even Blind Freddy can see (this is an Australian expression meaning that the thing is bloody obvious).
Debnham has indeed opened a can of worms, and is being called to account by the State Government and the head of the State Police. I am confident that Debnham will present all the damning evidence needed, and I hope that Tim Priest will assist him in this matter.

15. Pope Benedict XVI is under no illusions that Islam is ready for reform. We get this second-hand from a friend of his, and there have been no subsequent refutations. This was a soft, tactful yet clear approach taken by the Pontiff, who is proving to be a real mensch, unlike the last dhimmi...

I will post more good news as it arrives.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Exchanging Pleasantries with an Islamist

I have recently had the pleasure of exchaging some thoughts with an Islamist from Pakistan. The entire thread may be of interest, although I confess that I was repeating myself towards the end there, partly because said Islamist did not seem to hear or understand what I had to say.

I include below a copy of my last post on the thread.

I think that this exchange should speak for itself in terms of the gulf not just in ideas and values, but of what passes for discourse, logic and analysis in the two cultures. So, ladies and gentlemen, I give you my last headbutt at a rather thick wall:

(Maybe someone who speaks Urdu would be so kind as to translate this post? It is important that people like Tit understand the message here. It may in the end save his poor life, and that of his countrymen and co-religionists from US and allied military might)


Your lack of logic, inconsistent conspiracy theories and other mindless, fanatical shit is exactly the problem here.The problem is mainly yours, I might add, keeping you stupid, poor, sexually twisted, angry, powerless, deluded and, as I keep trying to helpfully point out,increasingly unsafe.

The last point is the case because the problem is also sadly the West's, and the governments of civilised countries will be forced to deal with this issue with this rather sharply sooner or later.

The problem is certainly not just you, it is your whole barbaric, misogynistic, murderous and intolerant 7th century religion and culture, in which civilised people are a small and frightened minority, most of whom are desperate to get out. It is not your fault, you have been brainwashed and it is the death penalty if you try to leave the religion (not that you even
realise that you should of course)

So, lets take it slowly now, just one more time, becuase you still do not get it (perhaps it is your English, maybe ask someone with better English to translate this for you ?):

1. Civilised world:

US Nuclear arsenal: tens of thousands of warheads, thousands of strategic warheads. Also British, French, Israeli, Indian arsenals. All countries having problems with you Islam.Lets not forget the Russian arsenal either, they are having some trouble with you guys as well.

NONE of this has been used on Islamic targets. Yet.

2. Islam:

Pakistan: Maybe 20 warheads, all accounted for.Iran: maybe one or two nukes already, one on the way. Al Qaeda: maybe some ex-Russian suitcase nukes.None of this has been used on civilised targets. Yet.

Eight years ago section 2 was zero. Now it is growing, and look at what a wonderful peaceful, civilised place Pakistan is, and how secure and localised Pakistani nuclear technology was kept, and how much justice Muhammed Kadeer Khan has recieved for flagrant proliferation.And look at the nice things the people of Pakistan have to say about us, and their growing confidence in taking us on militarily !We have certainly learned from that.You are quite right, you are far too full of faith and commitment to a rather frightening, violent creed. I am sure that there are people in the Pentagon who have taken good notice of how willing you guys are to die as long as you take some of us down with you, how much you hate us, and how important it is for you that we go down.It must thus be increasingly insufferable to individuals in positions of power in the West to allow you guys to play with nuclear toys.

Now read the Belmont Club article I linked to earlier in this thread, and ask yourself whether your Faith and Commitment are really assets, when all you are doing is trying to convince the West that you will never be civilised, that you are obsessed with war and conquest, that you believe us to be evil, deserving punishment and ready to fall. While the meagre Islamic nuclear arsenal is small it is certainly growing, and you are capable of enough mischief with it already.

The massive Western nuclear arsenal sits unused, but ready.So too do stockpiles of hardly used Fuel Air Explosives (remember the Daisy Cutter at Tora Bora?)In fact, there has been precious little use of napalm, cluster munitions, tank flechette rounds, howitzer artillery and many other weapons that would change the odds in Iraq or Gaza in a jiffy, and transform things.So, to reiterate, we (the West) have been very nice to you (Islam) indeed. There are plenty of depths we will not sink to, even to our detriment. Can you say the same ?The difficulty in Iraq is that civilians are being spared, and solid rules of engagement observed. The US is fighting house to house where Assad the Elder would have just levelled the city. (cf Hama)

Saddam and Assed know what language an Islamic population undrestands. The Americans choose so speak a more enlightened language, and you interpret this largesse as weakness. More the fool you, their patience is not infinite. The Israelis pulled out of South Lebanon because it is very hard to target guerillas behind human shields without hitting civilians. It would have been a whole lot easier to depopulate South Lebanon with carpet bombing, but Israel is far too humane and noble for that. Israel can turn South Lebanon, Gaza and the West Bank into smouldering slag heaps in hours. And that is without using nukes. But they are too civilised, too humane to do something like that. Yet.

Civilisation has no shortage of weapons. We also have, at present, a huge supply of decency and humanity. It is not infinite. Do not mistake Western kindness for weakness. Do not mistake Western transparency and democratic politics for impotence. Do not mistake our lack of militancy to a lack of commitment. Hitler did the same, at his peril. We have been through this before. Our leaders do take a while to sort things out. We leave our decisions to appointed politicians and beurocrats, and our fighting to well regulated armies with fearsome weapons. This is more than enough.We do not need to join militias and go on jihads. Westerners have faith and commitment too, to something more proven, powerful and tangible than your false god and his murderous pedophile prophet. All we need to do is assess, persuade, vote, and then stand back and watch.

So Learn. Quickly.

Too harsh ? I suspect that the message did not sink it. Nice to try regardless. And I am genuinely interested in saving the poor fellow's life, and those of his co-religionists, before someone in the Pentagon or Kremlin gets an itchy trigger finger after the next Sept 11, Beslan, 7/7, Seder bombing etc etc etc and presses The Button.

Scary ? I am saying that in all matters of violence, I rely purely on my democratically elected governement and military, and those of allied civilised countries . I am not planning or condoning any illegal or vigilante act of any kind. I am a peaceful, law-abiding citizen of a country that is part of a fearsome culture, the West. My democratically elected politicians and Army do my fighting for me. Thus the most forceful acts that I perform are voting and persuading others.

Hateful ? Look at how Germany and Holland are now treating prospective ROP citizens. CIFA at the Pentagon is finally studying Islam as a strategic motivator (What tooke them so long?). Most importantly, watch what France will do, after the 2007 elections...

Racist ? I have a problem with a specific ideology and culture, not a race. I should be free to say what I like about ideas, and what I thing of those who hold them. Individuals are free to change their ideologies and cultures. This is why Islamophobia (a good word, actually) is not racist in the least.
Why can we criticise ideologies like Communism and Nazism but not Islam ? Why can all sorts of mockery and criticism be levelled at Christianity and Christians, but not Islam and Muslims ?
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