Sunday, December 11, 2005

Why Mainstream Islam is Inherently Fundamentalist

Articles like this may soon be banned in the UK if new laws against religious vilification come into force. In the meantime, this article by Charles Moore provides a clear, concise view of one core difference between Islam and all other major religions (there are one or two others, to be discussed later), the state of religious freedom in Muslim countries, and the growing disgrace that is mainstream Anglicanism. So, to be very clear:

I am looking at a book called What Every Christian Should Know
about Islam, published by the Islamic Foundation. So far as I know, it presents
an orthodox account of Muslim belief. It says that Mohammed was probably
illiterate, and that the Koran was therefore dictated by him from memory after
he had received it in visions. It is not his teaching: it is the unmediated word
of God: "The Holy Koran differs from any other religious text in that it was not
written or edited by any human author; no word has been added to it or
subtracted from it."
What this means is that all Muslims are what we call
"fundamentalist" in a way that no Christian, not even the most literalist, can
quite be. One man, the Prophet, was given the perfect truth in one form, and so
the truth, and the form, are absolute. To question the status of the Koran as
described above is to insult God.
Certain consequences flow. Because Islam
sees itself as imposing a political order on the world, it makes enforceable
law, including the law of blasphemy. In Pakistan, where Dr Williams was
speaking, Article 295-B of the country's Penal Code makes it an offence -
punishable by life imprisonment - to desecrate the Koran. Article 295-C forbids
any defiling of the name of Mohammed. The penalty for this is

Since we are exploring the work of this very important British journalist,
here is another gem from Moore.
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