Monday, December 26, 2005

The White House : Exporting Democracy, Losing Iraq, Strengthening Iran, Fighting For Islamism, Ignoring Ataturk's Lesson at their Peril

The American government have turned democracy into their sole exportable virtue, and neglected the more important ones, those that make a society worth living in, and ensure that democracy is sustained, healthy and transparent.
This neocon obsession with democracy uber alles has borne bitter fruit in the recent Iraqi election. The foundations of Islamism are already enshrined in the constitution. This was inexcusably permitted on the American watch. Recent parliamentary elections have produced what many of us expected: an Islamist government.

Adding insult to moronic self-inflicted injury, Iran's leading hard-line daily helpfully points out that

“Of the 275 seats in Iraq’s new parliament, 140 will belong to
pious Islamists, 60 will be occupied by Kurds with excellent ties with Iran, and
40 will belong to Sunni Arabs, most of whom want a sovereign, Islamist state”,
the daily Kayhan’s Saturday editorial noted. “The new government – including the
President, the Prime Minister, the cabinet, the armed forces and the judiciary –
will emerge from this new assembly”.Kayhan said the election outcome will
“increase pressures, both inside and outside the U.S., on [President George W.]
Bush to withdraw American troops from Iraq”. “Bush will have to give in and
withdraw the bulk of his forces from Iraq in the next few months”, the daily,
which reflects the views of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, wrote.The
paper listed the consequences of American withdrawal from Iraq, describing the
current situation in Iraq as “the biggest crisis America has faced in recent

This comes as no surprise to critics of the suicidal march of democracy cult that has swept the White House and otherwise sane neo-conservatives. Why are the Americans spending blood and treasure on creating and strengthening more implacable Islamist enemies? Why are they strengthening Iran ?Why are they tying up all their political capital to do these stupid things, preventing themselves from dealing effectively with the rise of Socialism in Latin America, and, indeed, fighting the Islamist threat effectively world wide ?

The US should be robustly helping Islamic people grow up, and reform Islam, or abandon it. What is needed is good old enlightened paternalism, to teach some very backward people what it means to be civilised, with consequences for those who do not want to play ball. The US should be bleeding Islamism not bleeding for it.

This is the process that Kemal Ataturk subjected Turkey to, and this is the best solution for the greater Middle East.

Democracy is the very dangerous icing on a very tricky cake, a prize for those few who have mastered the art of being a responsible, civilised state. It is a very dangerous tool in the wrong hands. Even relatively sane and civilised democracies vote themselves out of existence. In fact, the mixture of Islam and democracy is even now causing the former to chip away at the latter in Turkey, which is going backwards on all measures of rule of law and enlightenment, due to its Islamist-by-very-poor-stealth governement.

Democracy should be the last enlightened institution that is given to a backward country riddled with religious fundamentalism, riven along sectarian lines, lacking any rule of law and used to generations of despotism.

Even in Lebanon the democracy is little more than a joke for two reasons: when voting is along sectarian lines there is no democracy: there are only cynical competing interests. There is no general debate about what is best for the country. Most importantly, few will change sides, or consider politicians on their merits.

In the fight against the greatest threat to freedom since Communism, the US refuses to learn, and Europe refuses to even accept that a lesson is required.

Evidence from Iran, Turkey, Malaysia and Algeria shows us that unreformed Islam is not compatible with democracy or other civilised social institutions.
In fact, France, Sydney, Denmark, The Netherlands, Israel and Sweden demonstrate that enlightened civilisations absorb and enfranchise large numbers of unreformed Muslims at their peril.

We are sowing the seeds of peril. That the self-haters do this is contemptible. That those who should know better are doing this is surreal, and equally inexcusable.
The years ahead presage a very dangerous and escalating global conflict, one that smarter men would have nipped in the bud long ago, and perhaps still can.
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