Friday, December 23, 2005

Viva Weblogistan !

Could blogs bring down the schitzophrenocracy of Ahmedijabbathehutt and his mad mullah masters ?
[Hat tip: LGF]

I did not realise that

if Iran, under the repressive rule of the ultraconservatives, is silencing
the sound of Western pop, in another area of its culture, a wild cacophony of
voices has erupted. The blogosphere is exploding. In Iran there are now more
than 100,000 active blogs or weblogs
, individual online diaries covering every
conceivable subject, from pets to politics. Farsi is the 28th most spoken
language in the world, but it now ties with French as the second most used
language in the blogosphere. This is the place Iranians call “Weblogistan”: a
land of noisy and irreverent free speech

Good luck, and may the truth set them free, and the mullahs packing. I looking forward to drinking Shiraz wine with miniskirted dark eyed beauties in a bar in Tehran, klezmer band optional.
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