Monday, December 12, 2005

Subhuman Thugs Score Own Goal

A month ago I was telling everyone that what happened in Paris will come to Sydney in due course. I did not expect it to happen so soon, nor did I expect that inbred rednecks would prove to be everything that Lefties believe of us right wingers.

Yesterday's mob at Cronulla could not have done more against their own cause, and more to support the biggest problem that faces Sydney, if not Australia and the West as a whole. They beat up some people whose only crime was swarthiness, and Mediterranean style. They smashed an ambulance, and injured ambos. They let ROP spokesmen run the usual victim line, and tarred all "wogs" with the same brush.
That means that I am as much a target of their ire as any Muslim Lebanese homie.

A word of advice to the stupid, racist waxhead thugs: You were right to point out that a craven, lawless and malevolent part of the community that is indifferent or hostile to our nation, culture and way of life has been marauding our beaches, while our politicians did nothing.

You were right to suggest that our beachgoers deserve protection.

And then you blew it.

Your tiny little sea-monkey brains did not even conceive that "Middle Eastern looking" people like Greeks, Italians, Serbs, Christian Lebanese and Ashkenazi Jews from Russia might be very sympathetic to your cause. Which of these groups got bashed in Cronulla yesterday ?

A clue: you can spot Christian Mediterraneans. They do not try to imitate US gang members. They dress with style. They do not practice endemic misogyny: they will be out with pretty girls of their own culture, their neighbours, sisters and cousins. Girls that will moderate their behaviour. They will not roam in all male homie packs, with one or two slack-jawed drugged out blonde blue eyed "hos" in tow.
Most Meditteranean cultures allow their pretty girls out to strut their stuff, enjoy their lives and let their menfolk know that women are to be respected. Most Mediterranean cultures love this country, and are Australian first, and whatever else second. Most Mediterranean cultures in Sydney are painfully aware of the problems that one particular Mediterranean culture is causing in Sydney.
Heck, there are civilised Muslims out there too. Guys who live an honest, friendly life. Girls who do not wear the veil and party hard. Folks who find fun in something other than drag racing and gang warfare. You may just have to look harder. A whole lot harder.

What the waxheads have done is ensured that Iemma (member for Little Beirut) will not take an unequivocal stand against the main culprits here, and that their community will cry victim as always, rather than admit that there may be a problem. Thanks to the worst segment of the great Anglo-Celtic culture of this country, the politicians and media have now handed a free pass and a victim card to the initiators of the crisis that has spread accross South Western Sydney and now affects Sydney beaches.

The tragedy is, there is still no sane and prominent voice calling for a solution to the ongoing and growing problem of a lawless, racist and malevolent minority in our culture, whom a judge had recently described as "a cancer".
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