Thursday, December 29, 2005

Sarkozy: The Candidate,the Blog and the Announcement - the Medium is the Message

The Content Is a Non-Issue

I have no idea what "positive discrimination" is, and I cannot speak French. There. From this Beeb report (blech) it appears that whatever "positive discrimination" is, it involves legislation, it may concern the anonymisation of CVs (how do you anonymise and de-ethnicise interviews ? or do you abolish them altogether?), and it definitely does not involve ethnic quotas, one of the more odious aspects of "reverse discrimination". In fact, this is all political hot air, a non-statement, a motherhood appeal to the mushy sympathies of the French public, while actually giving nothing of substance away to a Muslim underclass on whom he has effectively declared war. The content was a sop to swinging voters who need to hear this kind of pap and do not read blogs. But if they are so imporant, why not just release the statement on the MSM like any other politician? Because the content of the message is far less relevant than the medium.

Taking Le Pen's Base

The real issue is: A presidential candidate, of one of the most influential countries on earth, has chosen blogs as the medium to launch a key message.
He is fighting for a growing and radicalising right wing base that he wants to recover from Le Pen, an openly racist, anti-semitic and radical individual, who has recently justly boasted that all his predictions are coming to pass, and that the governement has been forced to finally adopt his recommendations. Admiration for Le Pen grows and this is the constituency that Sarkozy must grab while still retaining some voters closer to the center. Sarkozy will thus target anyone concerned with immigration who is not a complete Nazi. He is going for Le Pen's constituency.
And it looks like the non-Nazi right in France is even more alienated by their MSM and also forced to live on the blogsphere. Their MSM makes our Anglo MSM look like Rush Limbaugh on Meth.

The Medium is the Message

Thus the medium is the message here. The impossible trick executed so well by the deft Sarkozy is to present agreeable motherhood content to the politically central MSM addled masses, while staying on message and paying respect to the medium of the far more astute right, who know harmless rhetoric when they see it.

My hope, indeed prayer is that this is the first of a growing number of cases of right-wing politicians acknowledging the importance of the blogsphere to their base.

If this works, two good things flow from this (I hope):

1. The Blogsphere becomes noticed and recognised as a respected information source by the wider public and the MSM. How many educated people do you know who have never read a blog ? The blogsphere readership will hopefully increase dramatically, at the MSM's expense. Specifically, political patronage will mean that right wing blogs will have to be presented, if only to be criticised. For the blogs, there is no bad publicity, and the truth will out.

2. Politicians will have to consider issues as they are framed on the blogsphere, and the MSM will no longer be able to dictate debate with soundbytes, and agenda driven selection and framing of issues. The rules and whole format of debate will change.

Of course, "You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one".

Six Days: Looking for Agendas, Making Wild Predictions - Paranoid As Ever

It's my blog and I'll speculate wildly if I want to. Here goes:

This is not the first time that Sarkozy has posted on a blog, and the previous appearance, intentionally low key (comments on a political blog) was all but ignored by the MSM. The fact that the MSM did not even blink last time did not stop Sarkozy from going one better, and making his key announcement using the online medium.

Noticeably, the above Beeb report does not cite its source. We all know the degree of love that much of the MSM has for the blogsphere. A likely escalation strategy on the MSM's part would be backlash-by-omission, where sources will simply not be cited, followed by the belittling and attempted marginalisation of blogs, something we see from time to time today, followed by attempts to enforce and regulate the blogsphere by increasingly embattled and paranoid MSM journalists and executives.

Good night.

Update 30/12/2005 :

This whole thing should be a hat tip to Manny, who called to alert me to this breaking story late last night while I was enjoying myself under somewhat unprintable circumstances. He assured me that it will be "all over the blogsphere" and urged me to stop whatever I was doing (for the sake of my soul, presumably) and hurry back to the chaste comfort of my PC. Sadly, this story is still not all over the 'sphere. Manny is absolutely right in that it should be.Please also note that as a true Anglosphere patriot Manny has banned French comments on his blog !

Manny now wants to know about the whole Jewish "hole in the sheet" thing but I am going to keep him in suspense for now.

Dhimmiwatch has a rather different angle on this story. They see it negatively, and are concerned that Sarkozy might actually be pandering to the ROP community. Even if they are correct, the "medium is the message" issue is still valid, and this is still an overall GOOD THING.

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