Saturday, December 10, 2005

Pretend Good News

Not all good news is good. Especially when it goes unnoticed or intentionally ignored by a biased, agenda-driven suicidalist media. A prime example is the military and social success in Iraq, consistently ignored by the media. Another, even more striking example of this phenomenon is unfolding right now.

A recent poll of Afghans shows ovewhelming support for their Western liberators and optimism about their country.

Has it made even a dent to the Left's slander of the US, the White House or the "War on Terror" (I hate that name, but that is what both sides choose to mis-name it)

This is why not all good news is good. While the daily atrocities of suicide bombers, hate-filled imams and Ahmedaramaramadingdong's of Mahatir's latest bout of anti-Semitism is painful enough, it is more painful to watch a good victory go to waste.

Here is how they do it.
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