Saturday, December 24, 2005

PJ Media Quotes 6DM. 6DM Criticises PJ Media (Constructively)

Beaming with pride I note that Pajamas Media has actually named this site, linked to it and included a quote from yours truly !!!!

Or at least tried to. The Six Days quote is indeed from this article.
However, the link is broken, and points to USS Neverdock. I have asked them to fix it.

More importantly, I have some constructive criticism for Pajamas Media, which I think deserves a "C" : great effort, but could have done a LOT better, and fallen far short of what some of us thought were the key objectives of the venture. (And nothing to do with the broken link above!)

Before I offer unsolicited criticism to Pajamas Media, I must say that I am in utter awe of Charles Johnson of LGF, Roger L Simon and all the other great names that have united in this enterpise.

And then... Well... What to say ? Not a lot really.

Have they really made a splash after their launch ? Judge for yourself. [Hat tip: Blogpulse]
Are they still growing in influence? Does not look like it.
Friends I speak to agree that there is nothing very compelling or grandiose about the PJ Media site. We all surf it occasionally, and leave quickly, less than overwhelmed. The debates and blogjams are not particularly compelling, and the non-PJ blogsphere does not seem to take them too seriously either.

I personally spend much more time on reading PJ's contributing blogs than on the PJ Media site itself. I also found myself wishing that Charles spent more time on LGF, where volume has slipped, no doubt due to his involvement in the new venture.

These criticisms are all in terms of the PJ media presence in the blogsphere. As such, they are not as relevant as another, far more important issue.

The real question is:

How well has Pajamas Media penetrated the Manistream Media ?

Those of us who waited with bated breath for the release of PJ media were hoping to see something that projected the blogsphere's issues, opinions, terms of debate and citizen journalistic fact-check-your-ass style onto a complacent mainstream media.

Has PJ media succeeded in this, even a smidgeon ? Perhaps it is early days, but I am not convinved that any headway has been made here.

This is not to damn a Herculean effort by a very admirable bunch of people. Rather, the question should be asked: what needs to be done to take online citizen journalism's content, style and discipline to the Mainstream Media ? How can this effort be defined, implemented and measured?

I would suggest that one measure of success is the extent to which PJ media is a true media company, with MSM outlets, and relationships with newspapers and TV channels. These relationships need to be a two-way street: the MSM must be an outlet as well as a source.

Perhaps this is already part of the plan, and the merry PJ crew are already making strides in this direction. I sincerely hope so, and wish them every success.

[Update 26/12/2005] They fixed it !
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