Thursday, December 01, 2005

Iron Metrosexual Lives in Alternate Reality

De Villepin says

"I am not sure we can call them riots"
"Nobody died"
"You can not compare this kind of social unrest with riots. There were no guns in the
streets. This was a very special movement"
"There is no ethinic and no religious basis of this movement".
"These people want to be 100% French"

I always make with the adjectives when I talk about this guy...

The unelected, narcissistic, middle-aged metrosexual nancy-boy would-be poet
"Prime Minister" of "France" with a girl's name looks like he has crossed over into a parallel reality, or done some great Eurodrugs (to go with his disco hairstyle).They are helping him maintain his most important adjectives :


(hat tip: Atlas Shrugs)
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