Saturday, December 10, 2005

A clear example

This is one of the clearest and most concise views of the trouble with the Left, the media and the postmodern gutter that has become political debate in the West.

The problem is, our politicians almost never refuse the politically correct, nonsensical and suicidalist terms of such debate. Instead, we get the usual denials, obfuscations and waffle, which only serves to make them look like liars, a popular left wing accusation.

I have said to friend that it gives me little comfort that conservative, pro-US John Howard is in power in this country.
I would prefer an unapolagetic Winston Churchill in opposition loudly and clearly making his case, to a repeatedly truimphant John Howard buying into the fetters of political correctness.

Can the West survive championed by the likes of Howard, Blair and Bush?
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