Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Austrabian Intifada

Apologies for some of the previous post, which I leave for all to see. I apologise for jumping the gun, and accusing the Cronulla mob of targeting all wogs willy nilly. Nope, they were very precise in their focused rage. Not that I condone what they did. But just saying...
Not happy about the presnce of neo-nazis at the event either.

Nevertheless, it is important to get some much needed persepective on that day's events, and the outrages that followed.

Here is an eyewitness account that puts paid to much of the crap dished out by the media
(from that indespensible blog "A Western Heart")

More to the point: Sydney is going to hell in a handbasket. Our legal system is still very much an enabler of the neanderthal thugs that are taking over this city. The police have adopted a two-tiered approach to law enforcement: can you imagine the coppers going baton-crazy on the Leb gangs with the same gusto that they applied to Aussie lads at the train station ?
What were the cops doing standing around Lakemba mosque as thousands gathered, with some of these suddenly pious masses openly brandishing Glock pistols ? What are the cops afraid of ? Is it a politically correct media, that labels them racist if they act, or a judiciary that gives the offenders a slap on the wrist if anything at all, and releases them back on the street, with even less reason to fear the police, and a culturally enforced bent for revenge ?

Most importantly, what sort of city are we going to become when the only real protection to be had is from the likes of the Bra Boys, Comanchero bikies, and Neo-Nazis ?

What happens when these folks also cotton on to the weakness of the police, and start enjoying community support as the Bra Boys have already done in the past few days. Koby Abberton negotiating with Keyser Trad ? please !

Case in point: Belfast. Both the Catholic and Unionist militants are nothing more than criminal thugs. But their ruthlessness, violence and disdain for any law other than themselves has put them in charge, and spoiled their city for decades.

Another case in point: Russia, or just about any other third world country, where the police is just another gang, and often not far from the stronges one.

How do we hope to remain a world capital? Indeed, how do we hope not to degenerate into a third world rule of the jungle ?

The only hope is that the Liberal opposition abandons any pretense at political correctness, and commits itself to tackling the problem, South West Sydney votes be damned. The multicultural vote will not be as uniform as some suicidalists in the Labor party may hope. There will be plenty of wogs of all stripes in support of any real politial counter-offensive to the Lakemba Intifada, includng me, my family, my friends and coutless others besides.
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