Friday, December 30, 2005

Converting Lefties: Stealth or Smackdown

Why Bother?

It is important that we do more than rant and rave on blogs. We have to regularly engage members of the non-blogsphere public in debate, to inform and convince them. Much is at stake, so this work is vital. It is difficult but ultimately satisfying, and one of the best things that you could be doing out of uniform.
The trouble is, more often than not you run into some pretty solid leftie opposition.

Logic vs Dogma

The task of leading lefties to the truth through facts and logic is analogous to using scientific arguments to convince creationists of the folly of their ways. While the approach appears reasonable, it is fraught because you actually have no common ground.
You discover that while you hold logic and reason as axiomatic, the other side will use or discard this technique as they see fit, because a whole other set of axioms hold for them
This is why arguing with lefties is extremely frustrating and often counterproductive.
One key distinction between the Creationists (Hi Manny !) and the Lefties is that the former group are consistent, honest and clear about the intellectual framework within which they operate. The latter is only honest in that the confusion they present is a true reflection of the incoherent, postmodern leftist crap that passes for a world view in their tiny little heads that Allah hath bereft of reason.

Lefties by Default

Further, most of these will deny that they are lefties at all, and in fact that they are "centrists", who vote Labor and read the Guardian and SMH. They will also deny that they are postmodernists, feminists or under-informed. One has said to me "I do not only read left wing stuff. I read the Economist!". The Guardian is centrist and the Economist is token right wing. Enough said.

There are essentially two ways to debate these people, but before we get into that lets discuss what the debate would try to achieve.

How to do it: Objectives

We would all like to turn hippies, Islamists and Kofi Annan into Right Wing Death Beasts at the drop of a URL. But sadly things do not usually work that well.

The first thing to realise is that there is a firewall installed in the minds of most lefties (and lefties-by-default). This clever little device automatically shuts out anything that sounds politically incorrect, and challenges the holy cows of multiculturalism, "Peace", the UN, dialogue, the plight of the "Palestinians" and other more subtle forms of Western middle-class self-hatred brought to you by Moore, Pilger,Chomsky, bin Laden and the boys at the KGB.

Any penetration beyond the firewall is a victory. The target leftie is then motivated to think, research and explore. The process may be lengthy, but the results are wonderous.

How do we get past the firewall ? Well, there is stealth and frontal assault.

How to do it: Stealth

No matter how eloquent, insightful and well-informed you are, this will almost all be in vain if the firewall is activated. So go under the radar. The trick here is to become an irrefutable authority in their eyes, without blowing your cover. This one is great if you have the discipline. This is not hard either, because most middle class types in Australia at least think that the definition of intellectual is one who has read some Chomsky, or at least seen "Fahrenheit 911", and most importantly agreed with it. They will have scant detailed knowledge of anything of importance, and even less experience with original thought, or indeed elementary logic.

One axiom that many lefties follow is that there is no such thing as an intelligent right winger. I have sadly heard one say as much.
This is great, it makes it so much easier to get under their radar.

All you do is listen patiently to their crap, and then demostrate more knowledge on any given topic than them, and almost agree with them on points

Leftie: The whole war in Iraq is a colossal disaster. So many innocent people killed by Bush yadda yadda yadda.
You: Yes, it is a shame that the IED death rate has gone up so much due to the use of shaped charge explosives, and the people of the Euphrates basin are probably not having a good time what with their towns becoming battlefields between the US/Iraqi forces and the resistance, especially now that the Islamists and local tribes have turned on each other. History shows that conflicts with more than 2 sides are particularly nasty for civilians yadda yadda yadda.
Leftie: Wow, you know so much about this... Did you see "Farhenheit 911"
You: (silently : "Must..Not...Throttle... Leftie... Bimbo...") No, although I am concerned about the free pass given to Saudi Arabia by the Bush administration
Leftie: Yeah, they are totally in cahoots, did you know that Saudi oil money paid for a palestinian baby-blood powered Zionist nuclear reactor and evil mind ray machine to be built in the centre of the Al Aksa Mosque ?
You: Yes, I understand they are using this machine to brainwash unwary members of the Australian middle class, forcing them to read the Sydney Morning Herald and other right wing Zionist propaganda... We should all be wearing tinfoil-lined colanders on our heads.
and so on.

Actually, you should not pander to them too much, but the last bit was too good to resist...
The point is, you will win the leftie's respect as an educated, intelligent person with their own mind. Only then you tell them what you really think, and do so subtly.

It helps to come in from their favourite directions. Give them feminists like Ayan Hirsi Ali. Give them the multicultural angle on Saudi Arabia. Give them the fact that Amsterdam is no longer safe for gays, and that the great anti-dhimmi Pim Fortuyn was himself quite proudly gay. Give them middle eastern blogs like Iraq the model. They will wake up. I have watched it happen a number of times.

Conversion by stealth is a slow, difficult and morally challenging process. But this is the one that yields the best results. Manny is far better at this than I am. Sadly, I usually end up doing the other one...

How to do it: Frontal Assault

What can I say ? I am a sinner, and this approach is actually far less effective, but much more satisfying. This is the Ann Coulter approach. Here you go as scary, over-the top and ad-hominem as you like, and pretend to be a caricature of the right winger everyone expects, only with a fair bit of content and style.
Its only advantage is that it gets the leftie angry enough to start researching, thinking and attempting to argue. Actually, this method is usually not great at all, unless you hve an audience, who are not as far gone as the leftie himself.
Another advantage of the frontal approach is that it is important to show that a non-idiotarian opinion exists. You may not change anyone's mind, but at least you will remind them that there are still people out there with the unthinkable point of view. It is one thing for people to disagree with you. It is another thing for them to not even be able to conceive your point of view, or recognise it as acceptable.
It is also a personal approach: you get to show people that right or wrong, we have more fun while the lefties have parted ways with their sense of humour decades ago.

I leave you with an example of an enjoyable though perhaps counter-productive frontal assault.

Update 30/12/2005:

Manny is not necessarily a creationist after all! Creationist or not, I am still not telling him about the the "sheet with a hole in it" thing. Then again, he compared me to the blogologically departed Fjordman, so we should be nice to him.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Sarkozy: The Candidate,the Blog and the Announcement - the Medium is the Message

The Content Is a Non-Issue

I have no idea what "positive discrimination" is, and I cannot speak French. There. From this Beeb report (blech) it appears that whatever "positive discrimination" is, it involves legislation, it may concern the anonymisation of CVs (how do you anonymise and de-ethnicise interviews ? or do you abolish them altogether?), and it definitely does not involve ethnic quotas, one of the more odious aspects of "reverse discrimination". In fact, this is all political hot air, a non-statement, a motherhood appeal to the mushy sympathies of the French public, while actually giving nothing of substance away to a Muslim underclass on whom he has effectively declared war. The content was a sop to swinging voters who need to hear this kind of pap and do not read blogs. But if they are so imporant, why not just release the statement on the MSM like any other politician? Because the content of the message is far less relevant than the medium.

Taking Le Pen's Base

The real issue is: A presidential candidate, of one of the most influential countries on earth, has chosen blogs as the medium to launch a key message.
He is fighting for a growing and radicalising right wing base that he wants to recover from Le Pen, an openly racist, anti-semitic and radical individual, who has recently justly boasted that all his predictions are coming to pass, and that the governement has been forced to finally adopt his recommendations. Admiration for Le Pen grows and this is the constituency that Sarkozy must grab while still retaining some voters closer to the center. Sarkozy will thus target anyone concerned with immigration who is not a complete Nazi. He is going for Le Pen's constituency.
And it looks like the non-Nazi right in France is even more alienated by their MSM and also forced to live on the blogsphere. Their MSM makes our Anglo MSM look like Rush Limbaugh on Meth.

The Medium is the Message

Thus the medium is the message here. The impossible trick executed so well by the deft Sarkozy is to present agreeable motherhood content to the politically central MSM addled masses, while staying on message and paying respect to the medium of the far more astute right, who know harmless rhetoric when they see it.

My hope, indeed prayer is that this is the first of a growing number of cases of right-wing politicians acknowledging the importance of the blogsphere to their base.

If this works, two good things flow from this (I hope):

1. The Blogsphere becomes noticed and recognised as a respected information source by the wider public and the MSM. How many educated people do you know who have never read a blog ? The blogsphere readership will hopefully increase dramatically, at the MSM's expense. Specifically, political patronage will mean that right wing blogs will have to be presented, if only to be criticised. For the blogs, there is no bad publicity, and the truth will out.

2. Politicians will have to consider issues as they are framed on the blogsphere, and the MSM will no longer be able to dictate debate with soundbytes, and agenda driven selection and framing of issues. The rules and whole format of debate will change.

Of course, "You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one".

Six Days: Looking for Agendas, Making Wild Predictions - Paranoid As Ever

It's my blog and I'll speculate wildly if I want to. Here goes:

This is not the first time that Sarkozy has posted on a blog, and the previous appearance, intentionally low key (comments on a political blog) was all but ignored by the MSM. The fact that the MSM did not even blink last time did not stop Sarkozy from going one better, and making his key announcement using the online medium.

Noticeably, the above Beeb report does not cite its source. We all know the degree of love that much of the MSM has for the blogsphere. A likely escalation strategy on the MSM's part would be backlash-by-omission, where sources will simply not be cited, followed by the belittling and attempted marginalisation of blogs, something we see from time to time today, followed by attempts to enforce and regulate the blogsphere by increasingly embattled and paranoid MSM journalists and executives.

Good night.

Update 30/12/2005 :

This whole thing should be a hat tip to Manny, who called to alert me to this breaking story late last night while I was enjoying myself under somewhat unprintable circumstances. He assured me that it will be "all over the blogsphere" and urged me to stop whatever I was doing (for the sake of my soul, presumably) and hurry back to the chaste comfort of my PC. Sadly, this story is still not all over the 'sphere. Manny is absolutely right in that it should be.Please also note that as a true Anglosphere patriot Manny has banned French comments on his blog !

Manny now wants to know about the whole Jewish "hole in the sheet" thing but I am going to keep him in suspense for now.

Dhimmiwatch has a rather different angle on this story. They see it negatively, and are concerned that Sarkozy might actually be pandering to the ROP community. Even if they are correct, the "medium is the message" issue is still valid, and this is still an overall GOOD THING.


A Silent Epidemic, A Frighening Response

Found an important and disturbing FrontPage magazine article by Sharon Lapkin. Here is what I took away:
A Meeting of Cultures:

In Australia, Norway, Sweden and other Western nations, there is a distinct race-based crime in motion being ignored by the diversity police: Islamic men are raping Western women for ethnic reasons. We know this because the rapists have openly declared their sectarian motivations.
In Norway and Sweden, journalist Fjordman warns of a rape epidemic. Police Inspector Gunnar Larsen stated that the steady
increase of rape-cases and the link to ethnicity are clear, unmistakable trends.
Two out of three persecutions for rape in Oslo are immigrants with a non-Western background and 80 percent of the victims are Norwegian womenIn Sweden, according to translator for Jihad Watch, Ali Dashti, “Gang rapes, usually involving Muslim immigrant males and native Swedish girls, have become commonplace.” A few weeks ago she said, “Five Kurds brutally raped a 13-year-old Swedish girl.In France, Samira Bellil broke her silence – after enduring years of repeated gang rapes in one of the Muslim populated public housing projects – and wrote a book, In the hell of the tournantes, that shocked France. Describing how gang rape is rampant in the banlieues, she explained to Time that, “any neighborhood girl who smokes, uses makeup or wears attractive clothes is a whore.”

A Plea for cross-cultural Understanding:

In Australia's New South Wales Supreme Court in December 2005, a visiting Pakistani rapist testified that his victims had no right to say no, because they were not wearing a headscarf.

A Nuanced, Tolerant Response:

This phenomenon of Islamic sexual violence against women should be treated as the urgent, violent, repressive epidemic it is. Instead, journalists, academics, and politicians ignore it, rationalize it, or ostracize those who dare discuss it. In Australia, when journalist Paul Sheehan reported honestly on the Sydney gang rapes, he was called a racist and accused of stirring up anti-Muslim hatred. And when he reported in his Sydney Morning Herald column that there was a high incidence of crime amongst Sydney’s Lebanese community, fellow journalist, David Marr sent him an e-mail stating, “That is a disgraceful column that reflects poorly on us all at the Herald.”

A Proposed Solution (The Punchline !):

Oslo Professor of Anthropology, Unni Wikan, said Norwegian women
must take responsibility for the fact that Muslim men find their manner of dress provocative. And since these men believe women are esponsible for rape, she stated, the women must adapt to the multicultural society around them

Oh... My ... Fugging... JHVH...
I wonder what the "anywhere, anytime, wearing whatever I like" crowd of "reclaim the night" feminists would make of all this.
Read the whole stark, damning thing, another great FrontPage magazine article. And send to a leftie feminist, if you still keep such company.

[yarmulke tip: dhimmiwatch]


In a further cross-cultural coup of mutual understanding and tolerance arising from this very post, the Aussie blogsphere's Number 2 Ann Coulter fan (but not in THAT way, unlike the No.1 fan), the Gentle Jensenite Gentile for Geezus Manny finally found out what a yarmulke is.

Now the "sheet with a hole in it" is another matter entirely, and a question for another day...


Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Fighting the Last Propaganda War (And Losing. And not Learning)

Daniel Pipes is a man at odds with the neocons and the White House. One point of disagreement is the issue of democratisation of the greater Middle East.

Another, perhaps even more important one is the war of ideas, which Dr. Pipes tells us we are losing, as we attempt to re-fight the Cold War. The key issue here is that the Cold War model does not apply for a very simple reason:

The people of the Soviet Block did not trust their leaders. Most yearned to be liberated from the social and economic hell of Communism and preferred risky, illegal and rarely available Western information sources, which the authorities would jam, block and punish heavily for. The majority of the population of the Soviet Block were in fact prisoners who wanted out, or welcomed the West to liberate and reform them.

The sad thing is, that the media holding the same priveleged position in the Arab and Muslim world is not Western media but the likes of Al Jazeera and Al Manar...

There is an exception, and that is Iran. In Iran we have a Cold War scenario, and a golden opportunity. Most of the population feels more affinity with us than with the oppressive, authoritarian regime that they are forced to live with.

Lebanon may also be moving in a better direction, but I reserve judgement for now.

Sadly, this does not hold in the rest of the Muslim world, especially the Arab world. This applies not only to the Greater Middle East but also to the Arab diaspora. A different model applies: while most Arabs hate their leaders, they hate the West even more, and see hope, if any only in Islamism, or home-grown conspiracy theories.

While many are familiar with the brilliant, witty, informative and brave pro-Western bloggers of Iraq and Egypt, we can see from recent elections that they represent an enlightened though impotent sliver of the population, while Islamists win big.

Daniel Pipes presents an eloquent summary of the situation, and a rather plausible though challenging solution:

Unlike the Soviet bloc, the Muslim world lacks not access to
reliable information but interest in it. The reasons are many but perhaps the
most salient of them are a
disposition to
believe in conspiracy theories
and an attraction to
totalitarian solutions
. Rather than try to purvey
information to Muslims, State (and its counterparts elsewhere) should instead
assert the case for liberal, secular, and humane values. More than facts, the
Muslim world needs to understand the basics of what makes the West thrive – and
thereby be inspired to emulate it.
I trust that the powers that be are taking heed.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Securing The Harbour City: Sydney as Beslan

I sincerely hope that someone sufficiently important, and far better qualified than me somewhere in Canberra has given this some serious thought. I admit that they probably have. I sincerely doubt that anyone in the State government has.

Note: In this article I am definitly NOT calling for any violence or indeed any extra-judicial or vigilante action by anyone. Indeed, all I call for is appropriate vigilance on the part of authorities, as is my right as a citizen.

I am not presenting an imminent or likely scenario, nor suggesting that a majority within any ethnic or religious group is involved in criminal or terrorist activity.

Nevertheless, I am prudently and rationally considering the possibility of a low-probability, high-impact security crisis, such as September 11, presenting some evidence, and asking some questions regarding security risks. I do this in the public interest.

My questions concern only the capacity of our Government, law enforcement and security agencies to prevent or deal with an unlikely, but arguably possible and highly damaging scenario. The only outcome I seek is that those bodies raise awareness, and monitor the situation. I do not seek to promote conflict between groups in the community, and acknowledge that most Muslims and Lebanese in Australia are law abiding.

The material below presents a number of rather disturbing threads following the Sydney riots that I hope will be addressed by appropriately qualified, informed and motivated individuals. This post is not so much a thesis as a set of questions, many raised by other individuals, in other circumstances. I invite readers to provide answers to factual and statistical questions, and to address any inaccuracies in this post. This post is a call for discussion, and the threads are not woven together as tightly as I would normally like. I would dearly like to be reassured that I am overreacting to what I see as a potential catastrophe facing the security situtation in Sydney.

All this began when I reflected on the Sydney riots in light of comments made by Mark Steyn regarding the admittedly far worse situation in Paris.

Now go back to that bland statistic you hear a lot these
days: ‘about 10 per cent of France’s population is Muslim’. Give or take a
million here, a million there, that’s broadly correct, as far as it goes. But
the population spread isn’t even. And when it comes to those living in France
aged 20 and under, about 30 per cent are said to be Muslim and in the major
urban centres about 45 per cent. If it came down to street-by-street fighting,
as Michel Gurfinkiel, the editor of Valeurs Actuelles, points out, ‘the
combatant ratio in any ethnic war may thus be one to one’ — already, right now,
in 2005.
It is not necessary, incidentally, for Islam to become a statistical
majority in order to function as one. At the height of its power in the 8th
century, the ‘Islamic world’ stretched from Spain to India, yet its population
was only minority Muslim. Nonetheless, by 2010, more elderly white Catholic
ethnic frogs will have croaked and more fit healthy Muslim youths will be
hitting the streets. One day they’ll even be on the beach at St Trop, and if you
and your infidel whore happen to be lying there wearing nothing but two coats of
Ambre Solaire when they show up, you better hope that the BBC and CNN are right
about there being no religio-ethno-cultural component to their
This got me thinking. We hear the figure of 2.5% Muslim thrown around in Australia. But what is the proportion in Sydney ? It appears to me that a disproportionate number of Muslims, particularly Lebanese are in Sydney.
Further along Mark Steyn's line of reasoning, what proportion of Sydney's young male population (15 yrs +) is in this demographic ?
Now, for the really scary question, which I need your help with:
What proportion of Sydney's firearms, illegal or otherwise are in the hands of "Men of Middle Eastern Appearance" ? Most Australians have never touched a gun, and our gun laws are very strict indeed. So, another question is, what percentage of the non-Muslim population of Sydney is armed ? A further breakdown by estimates of police, private security and illegal firearms posession would be very interesting to see. Anyone got the numbers ?
Judging by anecdotal evidence from the recent riots (not the one-off joke at Cronulla, but the real retribution riots that followed for days thereafter) it would appear that at least a segment of the "Middle Eastern" population is rather well armed. The cliche of pistol-wielding Lebanese gangs has become so common place that it is a running joke among that community, and regulalry expressed on shows like "Fat Pizza". Anecdotes aside, we have much more solid evidence for such concern from the likes of eminent ex-cop Tim Priest.
So, we have a population with Middle Easterners with handguns. This is not too much of a problem if the handgun wielders are untrained, and if indeed handguns are the end of the matter. This is because the police and other security services are in fact trained, and have much more powerful and accurate weapons at their disposal.

Sadly, recent evidence shows that the NSW Police may indeed be outgunned in some circumstances. Reports from the day of the Cronulla riot say that Police stood by as a crowd of thousands gathered, and that handguns could be seen in the crowd, and were brandished from cars that sped off en masse to Maroubra and Cronulla. We also know that Police at Punchbowl were given orders "not to antagonise" the crowd there. Sounds pretty outgunned to me.

And what of training ? This is the unknown. How many local Lebanese have trained with Hezbollah, PFLP, or their village militia ? How many have participated in Lebanon's recent civil war ? (Quite a few, if one talks to taxi drivers). How many are "Palestinian",with much of the population trained in assault techniques, demolitions, AK-47 and handgun techniques ? I have no answers here, but dearly hope someone is looking into this. More importantly, how many are experienced, qualified trainers? If so, are any spreading combat firearms techniques (suppresive fire, squad maneuver tactics) to the local population?

Finally, there is the issue of more powerful weapons. There is anecdotal evidence of automatic weapons use by this demographic. Some reports cite the 1998 attack on a police station as having been carried out with an automatic weapon. I accept that this instance at least may have been an exaggeration, although a semi-automatic rifle is worrying enough, and trained troops prefer to use assault rifles in semi-automatic mode. "Spray and pray" is a tactic of conscripts and untrained thugs. Have there been other instances involving confirmed posession or use of submachineguns or assault rifles ? Do any readers know the facts on this ?

Further, I am most concerned about the confluence of what appears to be street thuggery with something much more coherent and sinister.

Case in point: Clichy-sous-Bois. This is where recent seemingly spontaneous riots that spread accross France were started by what we are assured were merely disaffected "youths". It comes as little surprise that soon after this very area should also witness the following.

French counterterrorism agents arrested three suspects in a network
with alleged ties to al Qaeda in Iraq, seizing guns, explosives and detonators
in a sweep north of Paris, officials said Thursday. The overnight roundup in the
suburb of Clichy-sous-Bois stemmed from information culled in investigators'
questioning of 25 suspects detained in a similar anti-terrorism sweep Monday,
officials said. "Thanks to questioning, a stash of arms has been discovered,
which shows how serious this affair is," Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy told
reporters. "A certain number of terrorists, in order to finance their
activities, are involved in organized crime
And this is the main point. Clearly there is a link between organised crime and the Jihad. How deep is this link in Sydney. Does Sydney possess similar caches of assault weapons and explosives ? Funny thing, explosives. They are no good unless one is TRAINED. I ask again: how many TRAINED potential terrorists/urban guerrilas do we have in Sydney, do they have access to miltary weapons, are they training others, are they coordinating and, most importantly, are they being watched ?
Assuming that the Police, including the Tactical Response Group are outgunned, what remains are a number of Australian Army and Navy bases and barracks around town.
These bases are effectively the only massive stores of military grade weapons and men and women who know how to use them.
Given a nighmare scenario, these bases may be the only strong points in the city, and the main centres from which authorities will be able to project power in the short term.

Are there contingency plans in place that call local barracks and bases to restore order, and possibly fight a local jihadi/criminal insurgency ? Do these plans specifically take into account well-armed, well-trained urban guerillas that may use suicide tactics, hostage taking and are intent on as much carnage as possible ? Have they learned from Israel, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and, most importantly Beslan?

Al Qaeda et al are insane, but they are no fools. They probably know the crucial role of Sydney military bases in any "Sydney as Beslan"scenario.
Any nightmare scenario as described above could begin with strikes at military bases.
We have seen what suicide teams can do to well defended compounds in Saudi Arabia, where coordinated commando tactics and massive suicide bombing penetrated and demolished a number of seemingly impregnable fortresses.
The Americans have learned the hard way, and their bases and strong points remain secure after massive losses such as the attack on UN headquarters in 2003.

Are Sydney's military bases and barracks safe from massive suicide truck bomb/commando combined assault ?

The last is seemingly the least worrying, at least because a Beslan-style attack does not really need military bases to be taken out.
But, this is something the Jihadis would have to do if they wanted to take over the entire city...

Someone please tell me why I should not worry.

Monday, December 26, 2005


Now I am no fan of the suicidalist trend in Reform Judaism. But neither am I an observant Jew. I am just another Western shmuck, too cynical to be called a neoconservative, who just happens to be Hitler and Bin Laden's favourite machine gun fodder. So my efforts, however principled they may appear, amount to little more than cynical self-preservation, extended to my family, friends, and the wider Western culture of secularism, free enquiry and blondes in g-string bikinis. Oh, and I really enjoy jokes like these.
Anyway, I promised a friend that I would post this as a bit of "fair play" after the Cousin Josh piece that I worry may result in someone's lynching by respectable Christian folk (but they won't lynch me, I am anonymous, bwa ha ha ha ha!)
so here goes, disclaimers and apologies aside:

Consider: A backward, warlike and fractious theocratic state becomes part of a global system due to the intervention of one of the local hyper-powers. These geo-bullies are bearers of Western Culture and its science, technology and social advances. The hyperpower is no democracy, but does carry the legacy of that system, and many of its thinkers are concerned about the wellbeing of all humanity.
Most of the inhabitants of said theocratic state are quite eager to embrace the new and enlightened culture. Even some religious leaders are eager to adapt to the new order, and enjoy its cultural, social and sporting activities.
But all is not well. A provincial religious leader is offended by all this, and declares war, first on his assimilationist compatriots, and then on the occupying power. The religious leaders of this sect are also its most ruthless men of war. The wonders of globalisation are fought against valiantly by a growing army of religious maniacs. The rebels ask "Apart from education, sanitation and irrigation, what else have the hyperpower done for us" ?
The desperate colonial power is forced to take harsh measures, but none as harsh as those employed by the theocratic resistance against their assimilationist brethren. Any atrocities commited by the resistance are ignored. Those commited by the colonial power, perhaps invented or exaggerated are used to great effect as propaganda. Finally, the colonists and their imperfect enlightenment are ejected. The story of the oppression and atrocity wrought by the colonists is remembered. The real story of their positive contribution is not remembered, as the story is written by the victorious theocrats.
Later another colonial power defeats the first one, and takes the theocratic state over again, this time to stay, with theocratic unrest continuing. The theocrats scare the crap out of generations of leaders of the hyperpower. They develop a reputation for being the baddest troublemakers in the empire.

This described two historical situations: Can you guess what they are? I will give you a clue: one has elephants, the other Hind Attack Helicopters in essentially the same role. The effectiveness of the RPG-7 rocket propelled grenade against a charging war elephant, a natural question arising from this analysis, has not been adressed before to my knowledge. There you go folks. Ground breaking strategic analysis and historical parallels with your latkes.

The moral to the story:

1. Just because our ancestors were backward religious maniacs does not mean we cannot enjoy latkes.
2. The fact that our ancestors were extremely violent talibanesque badasses is actually cool, worth a chuckle, and definitely worth extra sour cream on your latkes.
3. The dreidl was never fun. Ask any Jewish kid. I mean, what's the point ? Further, it is only margially more relevant to Channukah than elves and reindeer are to the Virgin Birth.
4. The quietly magical ceremony of the Channukah lights is still one of my favourite Jewish moments
5. It does not have to make sense

6. You can spell Hanuka any way you like.
7. I am still accepting Christmas presents.

Happy Chanukah.

The White House : Exporting Democracy, Losing Iraq, Strengthening Iran, Fighting For Islamism, Ignoring Ataturk's Lesson at their Peril

The American government have turned democracy into their sole exportable virtue, and neglected the more important ones, those that make a society worth living in, and ensure that democracy is sustained, healthy and transparent.
This neocon obsession with democracy uber alles has borne bitter fruit in the recent Iraqi election. The foundations of Islamism are already enshrined in the constitution. This was inexcusably permitted on the American watch. Recent parliamentary elections have produced what many of us expected: an Islamist government.

Adding insult to moronic self-inflicted injury, Iran's leading hard-line daily helpfully points out that

“Of the 275 seats in Iraq’s new parliament, 140 will belong to
pious Islamists, 60 will be occupied by Kurds with excellent ties with Iran, and
40 will belong to Sunni Arabs, most of whom want a sovereign, Islamist state”,
the daily Kayhan’s Saturday editorial noted. “The new government – including the
President, the Prime Minister, the cabinet, the armed forces and the judiciary –
will emerge from this new assembly”.Kayhan said the election outcome will
“increase pressures, both inside and outside the U.S., on [President George W.]
Bush to withdraw American troops from Iraq”. “Bush will have to give in and
withdraw the bulk of his forces from Iraq in the next few months”, the daily,
which reflects the views of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, wrote.The
paper listed the consequences of American withdrawal from Iraq, describing the
current situation in Iraq as “the biggest crisis America has faced in recent

This comes as no surprise to critics of the suicidal march of democracy cult that has swept the White House and otherwise sane neo-conservatives. Why are the Americans spending blood and treasure on creating and strengthening more implacable Islamist enemies? Why are they strengthening Iran ?Why are they tying up all their political capital to do these stupid things, preventing themselves from dealing effectively with the rise of Socialism in Latin America, and, indeed, fighting the Islamist threat effectively world wide ?

The US should be robustly helping Islamic people grow up, and reform Islam, or abandon it. What is needed is good old enlightened paternalism, to teach some very backward people what it means to be civilised, with consequences for those who do not want to play ball. The US should be bleeding Islamism not bleeding for it.

This is the process that Kemal Ataturk subjected Turkey to, and this is the best solution for the greater Middle East.

Democracy is the very dangerous icing on a very tricky cake, a prize for those few who have mastered the art of being a responsible, civilised state. It is a very dangerous tool in the wrong hands. Even relatively sane and civilised democracies vote themselves out of existence. In fact, the mixture of Islam and democracy is even now causing the former to chip away at the latter in Turkey, which is going backwards on all measures of rule of law and enlightenment, due to its Islamist-by-very-poor-stealth governement.

Democracy should be the last enlightened institution that is given to a backward country riddled with religious fundamentalism, riven along sectarian lines, lacking any rule of law and used to generations of despotism.

Even in Lebanon the democracy is little more than a joke for two reasons: when voting is along sectarian lines there is no democracy: there are only cynical competing interests. There is no general debate about what is best for the country. Most importantly, few will change sides, or consider politicians on their merits.

In the fight against the greatest threat to freedom since Communism, the US refuses to learn, and Europe refuses to even accept that a lesson is required.

Evidence from Iran, Turkey, Malaysia and Algeria shows us that unreformed Islam is not compatible with democracy or other civilised social institutions.
In fact, France, Sydney, Denmark, The Netherlands, Israel and Sweden demonstrate that enlightened civilisations absorb and enfranchise large numbers of unreformed Muslims at their peril.

We are sowing the seeds of peril. That the self-haters do this is contemptible. That those who should know better are doing this is surreal, and equally inexcusable.
The years ahead presage a very dangerous and escalating global conflict, one that smarter men would have nipped in the bud long ago, and perhaps still can.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Cousin Josh

Happy Birthday Cousin Josh

Today is the birthday of my distant Israeli cousin Yehoshuah ben Yoseph, or Josh as I refer to him. A strange, charismatic and contradictory character, he was a bit of a hippie like many Israelis of his age group. This is perhaps unusual for someone born during a security operation in the West Bank, raised in the Arab Triangle, and living near Kinneret and the Golan Heights. More characteristically he was one tough cookie, a traveller as well as a charmer and even a bit of a ladies man. He also kept rather eclectic company, called bullshit when he saw it, and was often accused of spinning some bullshit of his own. A true Sabra Israeli.

Arguably someone whom one would not be too ashamed to have as a relative.

Josh came to a sticky end. He crossed a buch of guys that between them evolved into one of today's most feared and brutal organisations. That's right. He crossed the Jewish-advised Italian outfit who ran the place . Josh should have been more careful in his actions, and his choice of friends. Of course, it is claimed that he carried out a program of intentional self-sabotage in those crucial final days. The outcome of that episode is still hotly debated.
But today is his birthday, not the anniversary of his demise. So lets focus on his legacy, and his message.

Much has been said about Josh by those that are not his relatives. I do not presume to be able to add anything here.

It is also important to put Josh into another context.
He is certainly not the last great Israeli enterpreneur. Nor is he the last heretical Jew to leave a mark on Western Civilisation for better or for worse (Disraeli and Spinoza come to mind for the former, Marx and Trotsky the latter)

What message do I take from Josh ? Well, as it happens, I don't. But that does not prevent me from respecting him as a family member, and holding similar respect for those who decide that his ideas were valuable. Nor does it prevent me from wishing him and them well on his birthday, which for them is an important event for some reason.

So what is the point here ? The point is, that for some of us there really isn't much of a point.
How would some of my Josh-worshipping friends feel if I started worshipping one of their cousins, and perhaps even taking offence when they made light of the whole thing ?
So getting closer to the point, I do not seek to deride or mock Josh-worhippers in any malicious manner, but ask their leave to enjoy my annual ironic take on their obsession with my odd hippie cousin.

And now the point: best wishes to my Josh-worshipping friends. Peace and goodwill towards all men means that I tolerate your kind but insistent proselytising, and you tolerate stuff like this post, and even manage a chuckle or two.

Most importantly, you may be pleased to know that I am still prepared to scoff down your Chrismas pudding, happily accept your presents and snog comely well-wishers under the mistletoe.

You get to play with a dreidl, eat latkes and light a menorah if you like.

Happy Chanukah !

Update 30/12/2005

Thanks to links from Tom Paine at Silent Running and Zev, this is by far the most popular post on the blog. Those interested in a different take on Judaica may also enjoy some unexpected parallels between two very distant times and places quite relevant to the current Festival of Lights.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

PJ Media Quotes 6DM. 6DM Criticises PJ Media (Constructively)

Beaming with pride I note that Pajamas Media has actually named this site, linked to it and included a quote from yours truly !!!!

Or at least tried to. The Six Days quote is indeed from this article.
However, the link is broken, and points to USS Neverdock. I have asked them to fix it.

More importantly, I have some constructive criticism for Pajamas Media, which I think deserves a "C" : great effort, but could have done a LOT better, and fallen far short of what some of us thought were the key objectives of the venture. (And nothing to do with the broken link above!)

Before I offer unsolicited criticism to Pajamas Media, I must say that I am in utter awe of Charles Johnson of LGF, Roger L Simon and all the other great names that have united in this enterpise.

And then... Well... What to say ? Not a lot really.

Have they really made a splash after their launch ? Judge for yourself. [Hat tip: Blogpulse]
Are they still growing in influence? Does not look like it.
Friends I speak to agree that there is nothing very compelling or grandiose about the PJ Media site. We all surf it occasionally, and leave quickly, less than overwhelmed. The debates and blogjams are not particularly compelling, and the non-PJ blogsphere does not seem to take them too seriously either.

I personally spend much more time on reading PJ's contributing blogs than on the PJ Media site itself. I also found myself wishing that Charles spent more time on LGF, where volume has slipped, no doubt due to his involvement in the new venture.

These criticisms are all in terms of the PJ media presence in the blogsphere. As such, they are not as relevant as another, far more important issue.

The real question is:

How well has Pajamas Media penetrated the Manistream Media ?

Those of us who waited with bated breath for the release of PJ media were hoping to see something that projected the blogsphere's issues, opinions, terms of debate and citizen journalistic fact-check-your-ass style onto a complacent mainstream media.

Has PJ media succeeded in this, even a smidgeon ? Perhaps it is early days, but I am not convinved that any headway has been made here.

This is not to damn a Herculean effort by a very admirable bunch of people. Rather, the question should be asked: what needs to be done to take online citizen journalism's content, style and discipline to the Mainstream Media ? How can this effort be defined, implemented and measured?

I would suggest that one measure of success is the extent to which PJ media is a true media company, with MSM outlets, and relationships with newspapers and TV channels. These relationships need to be a two-way street: the MSM must be an outlet as well as a source.

Perhaps this is already part of the plan, and the merry PJ crew are already making strides in this direction. I sincerely hope so, and wish them every success.

[Update 26/12/2005] They fixed it !

Friday, December 23, 2005

The Greatest Wank of All is Happening to Us


Today it is fitting to reflect on that greatest wank of them all, multiculturalism, and the false dichotomies that Australians have been forced to swallow in the last few weeks. It is the pre-Christmas period, my life has suffered a recent tragicomic hiccup (I am sure the comic part will come to me in a decade or so), Christmas is not looking great and I am going to rant, spellcheck and preview be damned.

First of all: What the hell does "Multiculturalism" mean, anyway ? The "other M-word" is poorly defined. What happens is we take "Multiculturalism" away from A Sunburnt Country? Do I as a wog lose any of my civil rights ? No. Do I lose the right to eat my Mum's wog cooking ? Nope. Does the Thai restaurant up the road have to close down, and I no longer get my betel nut parcels (yum) ? No again. Do I have to give up the martial arts ? (They can take my .... dead cold hands...from my... dead cold hands... ) NOOOOOOOO ! (jumping spinning heel kick to the head of monocultural enforcement nazi)
Do I lose my right to practice the religion of my forefathers ? Nope. In fact, I can also be a Hindu, Rastafarian and Wiccan too. Simulataneously if I so choose.

So what is this multiculturalism thing again, exactly ?

Meanwhile, there seems to be a debate as to whether Australians are "for" or "against" it, although none of us are entirely sure what "it" is.

Is it our taxes going to SBS, extensive interpreter programs and other facilities ensuring that certain communities never bother to learn the language or integrate ?

Is it us turning a blind eye to communities with active non-assimilation programs ?

Is it our embrace of non-elected tribal leaders, clerics and godfathers as "community leaders" ?

Is it a two-track legal and citizenship model (handouts, leniency before the law) , as enjoyed by the Aboriginal community, and soon to be extended to the "Middle Eastern Appearance" (Read Muslim) community ?

Another issue with the whole debate is that we are either "for" the M-monster or against it. Hence we either accept that all cultures are equal, nice, and welcome, or we are monocultural fascists.

The main problem here is that there seems to be no room in the debate for saying the following:

Most cultures are ok. They are welcome. Some (a very small number) are not. We are very tolerant. Being tolerant etc. are hallmarks of OUR culture. Australia, multicultural and all, is a culture in its own right. Other cultures are welcome guests, and welcome parts of Australia as long as they contribute positively, and are not hostile to the wonderful, tolerant, prosperous and generous culture in which they live. If a culture is openly hostile and aloof it is invited to admit its problems and work to correct them. If it does not do so, it is invited to leave, like the unpleasant drunk that walks into your party univited, eats all the canapes, drinks most of the whiskey and then starts picking fights.

Also, religions are not races. In fact, cultures are not races. Religions and cultures are ultimately sets of beliefs, ideas and values. As such, they are rightly subject to scrutiny, and the demographic groups composed of individuals that describe themselves as of a particular culture or religion are also collectively open to criticism. It is incumbent on those groups to distance themselves, loudly, repeatedly, consistently and unequivocally from those who would paint their culture or religion in a poor light. It is also incumbent on them to ensure that anyone identified as a leader in their community who is not a paragon of virtue is quickly, loudly and unambiguously ostracrised. Anything less justly tars all members of the culture with the same brush, and calls them to account collectively.

We cannot condone the mistreatment of women, or the active alienation of new generations of Australians by religious leaders and parents with aberrant and backward ideologies. We cannot condone this, even when women have been brainwashed into believing that this is their choice. We cannot condone a culture that imports hatreds and vendettas from overseas.
We cannot condone the creation of an unemployable population, with little regard for the law, let alone the wider society.
We cannot condone a culture that is anything less than deferential, grateful and contributing positively to Australian security, prosperity, freedom and reputation.

Finally we cannot and must not allow the creation of parasitic, seperatist and hostile ghettos within our community. Any homogeneous cultural group associated with such behaviour has some explaining, and self-correction to do.

The other big problem with multiculturalism is that it calls for extreme self-hatred among the sweet, generous, and enlightened members of the host culture. When was the last time you saw a real celebration of Anglo-Saxon culture ?

Meanwhile, there are plenty of voices demanding that our politicians admit how racist we all are. The very flag of this nation is described by some of them as a symbol of racism.

Multiculturalism celebrates all cultures, but damns the Western, Anglo-Saxon culture that was enlighted and tolerant enough to make it all possible in the first place.

Multiculturalism does not admit that it is itself a form of Western cultural imperialism, unpalatable and unreciprocated by the less enlightened cultures that it upholds as paragons of virute while beating up on itself like a manic Opus Dei penitent.

We have much to be proud of, including our tolerance and diversity.

We need Multiculturalism to sustain tolerance and harmony the same way that the Aztecs needed to slaughter thousands of victims every year to ensure that the sun would continue to rise in the morning.


In a vital addition to the above post, Manny spotted a spelling error and I corrected it.Thanks Manny ! Am I the one looking bad here ? Heck, he confused Danes with Dutch! Ha ! All I did was invent the "Aztects". In today's battle of the error checkers, I claim victory, and expect him to buy me a beer.

There are plenty more spelling errors where that one came from, let me tell you. So keep looking. First prize for the most diligent spelling pedant is a (Male.VERY Male.) Stalinist Half-Ape Superwarrior, and an all expenses paid romantic date for the two of you.

Update 2:

Cynic found a spelling error. An amorous triple-Y chromosome Stalinist Half-Ape Superwarrior is making its romantically unstoppable way to show him the time of his pajama-clad life ! (most bloggers are a "him", and we right-wing death beasts like to generalise !!!!)

Viva Weblogistan !

Could blogs bring down the schitzophrenocracy of Ahmedijabbathehutt and his mad mullah masters ?
[Hat tip: LGF]

I did not realise that

if Iran, under the repressive rule of the ultraconservatives, is silencing
the sound of Western pop, in another area of its culture, a wild cacophony of
voices has erupted. The blogosphere is exploding. In Iran there are now more
than 100,000 active blogs or weblogs
, individual online diaries covering every
conceivable subject, from pets to politics. Farsi is the 28th most spoken
language in the world, but it now ties with French as the second most used
language in the blogosphere. This is the place Iranians call “Weblogistan”: a
land of noisy and irreverent free speech

Good luck, and may the truth set them free, and the mullahs packing. I looking forward to drinking Shiraz wine with miniskirted dark eyed beauties in a bar in Tehran, klezmer band optional.

Just Desserts

Ha Ha Ha Ha. Ouch. Can't stop laughing. [Hat Tip: Dhimmi Watch]

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Austrabian Intifada

Apologies for some of the previous post, which I leave for all to see. I apologise for jumping the gun, and accusing the Cronulla mob of targeting all wogs willy nilly. Nope, they were very precise in their focused rage. Not that I condone what they did. But just saying...
Not happy about the presnce of neo-nazis at the event either.

Nevertheless, it is important to get some much needed persepective on that day's events, and the outrages that followed.

Here is an eyewitness account that puts paid to much of the crap dished out by the media
(from that indespensible blog "A Western Heart")

More to the point: Sydney is going to hell in a handbasket. Our legal system is still very much an enabler of the neanderthal thugs that are taking over this city. The police have adopted a two-tiered approach to law enforcement: can you imagine the coppers going baton-crazy on the Leb gangs with the same gusto that they applied to Aussie lads at the train station ?
What were the cops doing standing around Lakemba mosque as thousands gathered, with some of these suddenly pious masses openly brandishing Glock pistols ? What are the cops afraid of ? Is it a politically correct media, that labels them racist if they act, or a judiciary that gives the offenders a slap on the wrist if anything at all, and releases them back on the street, with even less reason to fear the police, and a culturally enforced bent for revenge ?

Most importantly, what sort of city are we going to become when the only real protection to be had is from the likes of the Bra Boys, Comanchero bikies, and Neo-Nazis ?

What happens when these folks also cotton on to the weakness of the police, and start enjoying community support as the Bra Boys have already done in the past few days. Koby Abberton negotiating with Keyser Trad ? please !

Case in point: Belfast. Both the Catholic and Unionist militants are nothing more than criminal thugs. But their ruthlessness, violence and disdain for any law other than themselves has put them in charge, and spoiled their city for decades.

Another case in point: Russia, or just about any other third world country, where the police is just another gang, and often not far from the stronges one.

How do we hope to remain a world capital? Indeed, how do we hope not to degenerate into a third world rule of the jungle ?

The only hope is that the Liberal opposition abandons any pretense at political correctness, and commits itself to tackling the problem, South West Sydney votes be damned. The multicultural vote will not be as uniform as some suicidalists in the Labor party may hope. There will be plenty of wogs of all stripes in support of any real politial counter-offensive to the Lakemba Intifada, includng me, my family, my friends and coutless others besides.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Subhuman Thugs Score Own Goal

A month ago I was telling everyone that what happened in Paris will come to Sydney in due course. I did not expect it to happen so soon, nor did I expect that inbred rednecks would prove to be everything that Lefties believe of us right wingers.

Yesterday's mob at Cronulla could not have done more against their own cause, and more to support the biggest problem that faces Sydney, if not Australia and the West as a whole. They beat up some people whose only crime was swarthiness, and Mediterranean style. They smashed an ambulance, and injured ambos. They let ROP spokesmen run the usual victim line, and tarred all "wogs" with the same brush.
That means that I am as much a target of their ire as any Muslim Lebanese homie.

A word of advice to the stupid, racist waxhead thugs: You were right to point out that a craven, lawless and malevolent part of the community that is indifferent or hostile to our nation, culture and way of life has been marauding our beaches, while our politicians did nothing.

You were right to suggest that our beachgoers deserve protection.

And then you blew it.

Your tiny little sea-monkey brains did not even conceive that "Middle Eastern looking" people like Greeks, Italians, Serbs, Christian Lebanese and Ashkenazi Jews from Russia might be very sympathetic to your cause. Which of these groups got bashed in Cronulla yesterday ?

A clue: you can spot Christian Mediterraneans. They do not try to imitate US gang members. They dress with style. They do not practice endemic misogyny: they will be out with pretty girls of their own culture, their neighbours, sisters and cousins. Girls that will moderate their behaviour. They will not roam in all male homie packs, with one or two slack-jawed drugged out blonde blue eyed "hos" in tow.
Most Meditteranean cultures allow their pretty girls out to strut their stuff, enjoy their lives and let their menfolk know that women are to be respected. Most Mediterranean cultures love this country, and are Australian first, and whatever else second. Most Mediterranean cultures in Sydney are painfully aware of the problems that one particular Mediterranean culture is causing in Sydney.
Heck, there are civilised Muslims out there too. Guys who live an honest, friendly life. Girls who do not wear the veil and party hard. Folks who find fun in something other than drag racing and gang warfare. You may just have to look harder. A whole lot harder.

What the waxheads have done is ensured that Iemma (member for Little Beirut) will not take an unequivocal stand against the main culprits here, and that their community will cry victim as always, rather than admit that there may be a problem. Thanks to the worst segment of the great Anglo-Celtic culture of this country, the politicians and media have now handed a free pass and a victim card to the initiators of the crisis that has spread accross South Western Sydney and now affects Sydney beaches.

The tragedy is, there is still no sane and prominent voice calling for a solution to the ongoing and growing problem of a lawless, racist and malevolent minority in our culture, whom a judge had recently described as "a cancer".

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Why Mainstream Islam is Inherently Fundamentalist

Articles like this may soon be banned in the UK if new laws against religious vilification come into force. In the meantime, this article by Charles Moore provides a clear, concise view of one core difference between Islam and all other major religions (there are one or two others, to be discussed later), the state of religious freedom in Muslim countries, and the growing disgrace that is mainstream Anglicanism. So, to be very clear:

I am looking at a book called What Every Christian Should Know
about Islam, published by the Islamic Foundation. So far as I know, it presents
an orthodox account of Muslim belief. It says that Mohammed was probably
illiterate, and that the Koran was therefore dictated by him from memory after
he had received it in visions. It is not his teaching: it is the unmediated word
of God: "The Holy Koran differs from any other religious text in that it was not
written or edited by any human author; no word has been added to it or
subtracted from it."
What this means is that all Muslims are what we call
"fundamentalist" in a way that no Christian, not even the most literalist, can
quite be. One man, the Prophet, was given the perfect truth in one form, and so
the truth, and the form, are absolute. To question the status of the Koran as
described above is to insult God.
Certain consequences flow. Because Islam
sees itself as imposing a political order on the world, it makes enforceable
law, including the law of blasphemy. In Pakistan, where Dr Williams was
speaking, Article 295-B of the country's Penal Code makes it an offence -
punishable by life imprisonment - to desecrate the Koran. Article 295-C forbids
any defiling of the name of Mohammed. The penalty for this is

Since we are exploring the work of this very important British journalist,
here is another gem from Moore.

Rumsfeld kicks LameStream Media's Bitch Ass. More Please !

And I would never have known, were it not for Tim Blair.
Onya Timmo ! (Or whatever your mates call you).
And Go Rummy!
More televised smackdowns like this are needed. If only more of the West's leaders took the fight right back to the media just as Rummy did. It might also help if blogsphere featured more prominently in their armoury. The time is long overdue for the MSM to have its nose stuck into some unwelcome truths like a kitten into its own shit, and for our leaders to acknowledge the existence and potential of the online reaction to our culture's most malignantly suicidalist institution.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Pretend Good News

Not all good news is good. Especially when it goes unnoticed or intentionally ignored by a biased, agenda-driven suicidalist media. A prime example is the military and social success in Iraq, consistently ignored by the media. Another, even more striking example of this phenomenon is unfolding right now.

A recent poll of Afghans shows ovewhelming support for their Western liberators and optimism about their country.

Has it made even a dent to the Left's slander of the US, the White House or the "War on Terror" (I hate that name, but that is what both sides choose to mis-name it)

This is why not all good news is good. While the daily atrocities of suicide bombers, hate-filled imams and Ahmedaramaramadingdong's of Mahatir's latest bout of anti-Semitism is painful enough, it is more painful to watch a good victory go to waste.

Here is how they do it.

A clear example

This is one of the clearest and most concise views of the trouble with the Left, the media and the postmodern gutter that has become political debate in the West.

The problem is, our politicians almost never refuse the politically correct, nonsensical and suicidalist terms of such debate. Instead, we get the usual denials, obfuscations and waffle, which only serves to make them look like liars, a popular left wing accusation.

I have said to friend that it gives me little comfort that conservative, pro-US John Howard is in power in this country.
I would prefer an unapolagetic Winston Churchill in opposition loudly and clearly making his case, to a repeatedly truimphant John Howard buying into the fetters of political correctness.

Can the West survive championed by the likes of Howard, Blair and Bush?

More Good News

Wow, an avalanche of good news ! Well, two significant items this morning. And, hopefully still counting.

Germany, in another sign of post-Schroeder common sense, and an unusual act of geo-decency, has taken Iran to task for recent Holocaust denying, anti-Semitic and downright loony stuff.
Sadly, even this is far too little, far too late. There is almost no noise at the international level that says "The country is run by a loonocracy that wants Israel wiped off the map, denies the Holocaust, develops strategic missles (useless without a WMD warhead), has the third larges oil reserves in the world and deserves the benefit of the doubt regarding its peaceful nuclear program ? Riiiiiight".

Some Hope

Blogging has been sparse of late, mainly because of a torrent of very bad news, affirming Oriana Fallaci's apocalyptic prognosis for the West. Where do I begin ? The Jyllands-Posten affair is becoming internationalised, and UN figures are sypathetic to those offended by free speech rather than those practicing it. Muslim countries are working to isolate Denmark. Iran keeps getting more and more openly dangerous, and noone blinks. Israel is facing the death of a thousand cuts and is forced to make even more concenssions, not that these have done anything to prevent the annual torrent of abuse from the UN General Assembly. UN Palestine Day was marked with a map of "Palestine" (Israel wiped off) and Kofi Annan in attendance.
The Left is destroying what good has been achieved in Iraq. And so on and so on.

Now, sitting in my lounge room this morning hung over, having slept far too little, and wondering what embarrasing horrors I visited on my poor fellow workers last night (great party, I went as a pimp), I have come across what is definitely the best news in weeks, and from an unlikely place.

One piece of bad news over the last few weeks has been the savage reflexive treatment given to a French academic that dared to speak the truth about recent disturbances that the country's blowdried Prime Disgrace With A Girl's Name has pointedly instructed us not to refer to as riots.

It is unexpected, welcome and rather miraculous when any French politician, especially one of Sarkozy's calibre has the balls to do this.

Things like this give me hope.

The storm aroused by French-Jewish philosopher Alain
Finkielkraut refuses to subside. On Sunday, French Interior Minister Nicolas
Sarkozy threw his full weight behind the beleaguered philosopher, who has been
forced to remain cloistered at home following the sharp reactions to an
interview he gave to Haaretz.Speaking to reporters on Sunday, Sarkozy said:
"Monsieur Finkielkraut is an intellectual who brings honor and pride to French
wisdom ... If there is so much criticism of him, it might be because he says
things that are correct."The minister was asked about Finkielkraut because
several reporters saw similarities between the conservative views the
philosopher expressed about the recent riots in France and the tough stance the
minister took in dealing with the agitators who took to the street night after

Here is how the "storm" began. Read it all.

Right now, I pray for the strength of Sarkozy and Rasmussen


Saturday, December 03, 2005

Victoristan Rising

Say hello to the Austrabian Caliphate of Victoristan, brought to you by Chief Dhimmi Elect Steve Bracks. Speaking out against the ROP is effectively ILLEGAL in Victoria. This includes making fun of it, in private, by quoting from the Koran.

Their bizarre racial vilification laws also include provisions that prevent criticism of religion. No, this is nothing new, but after much criticism, the Bracks governement has decided to make these laws even worse. The indomitable Andrew Bolt still speaks freely against this.

Just how bad are these laws?
these laws caused two Christian pastors to be punished for, in large part, simply quoting the Koran to their followers in a way the judge found got "a response from the audience at various times in the form of laughter". God forbid that Christians should privately laugh at the Koran. There orta be a law. And thanks to Bracks, there now is, with effects that have horrified even his most senior Labor colleagues, especially the sight of Christians and Muslims arguing heatedly outside the guarded court in which the pastors were convicted. Wasn't that the kind of tension these laws were meant to stop, rather than start? So the Labor Governments of both NSW and South Australia hastily dropped plans for their own vilification laws. As then NSW premier Bob Carr said: "The Victorian experience spells out how anti-religious vilification can be misused." And a month ago federal Opposition Leader Kim Beazley said Bracks should kill his laws, adding: "I don't think that it's a good thing to have one section of the community, invited if you like, to take action against another section of the community." Meanwhile, church leaders who once foolishly applauded these laws at last realised they'd been cheering their own crucifixion. TheCatholics, Anglicans and Presbyterians all asked for changes, if not repeal.
Now the UK is headed in the same direction...

Friday, December 02, 2005

Allah (finally) grants reason to the Eurabian Left ?

From The Maghreb to Irian Jaya, and accross Eurabia, Amerabia and Austrabia, the real victims of the ROP are the women. There are place in our cities where women do not figure. They cover up, defer to men, or face the consequences.

The Left's feminist vanguard has largely embraced the ROP as a fellow victim, ignoring the fact that their most sacred values of female freedom, dignity and equality are trampled more mercilessly by this rather surprising choice of ally.

As I wait for Western feminists and gays to wake up to just whom they choose to protect, I am heartened to see some sense emerging from Europe's Left. Beyond a Fortuyn or Van Gough (both dead, murdered alas), a Fallaci (dying and in desapair) or a Hirsi Ali (God bless her, keep her and give her strength), other gay, feminist and creative figures in Europe are finding reason. Perhaps Eurabia is not as inevitable as Oriana Fallaci may think at the twilight of her life and hope, especially when a woman described as "the foremost figure in the German women's liberation movement" has this to say about recent events in France (which that country's Prime Disco Queen assures us were not riots) .

Today, fils de pute, son of a whore, is the term of abuse that flies with the stones and petrol bombs hurled at police officers by young people. Or to be more precise, by boys. Girls do not figure in this "youth uprising". Stones were thrown in Paris in 1968, too. But the barricades were occupied by men and women, even if the leaders were all men. The revolt targeted authoritarian structures, but not the state as such. It was luxury shops that burned, not schools. And the war cry against the "pigs" was "CRS SS!" An inappropriate comparison, but at least a political one. Today’s equivalent is purely sexist: son of a bitch.It is a fact: Of the six million first, second and now third-generation immigrants in France, the majority come from the Muslim states of the Maghreb, from France's former colonies Algeria and Morocco. This history does not make the present any simpler. What is striking is that the third generation – and this applies equally in Germany – are often less well integrated than their grandparents. And forty percent of these young people between 16 and 25 are unemployed. Or to be more precise, 25 percent of young men and 50 percent of young women. In social terms, then, the women have twice as much reason to protest. Except that Muslim women do not shout in the streets. They whisper behind drawn curtains. And when they do dare to demonstrate in public, their protest is aimed not against the state, but against their own husbands and brothers. Like after the death of Sohane, when a movement was founded with the name "Ni putes ni soumises" (neither whores nor submissive - see our feature with the same name)whose demonstrations caused a considerable stir in France. On March 8, 2003, hundreds of young women from the suburbs marched through Paris and declared: "We are being suffocated by the machismo of the men in our neighbourhoods. In the name of 'tradition' they are denying us the most elementary human rights. Wewill not tolerate it any longer!"

There is no doubt that the Eurabian Left will be provided with further shameful, shocking and tragic reasons for reassessing their curious relationship with a homophobic, sexist, violent, imperialistic, paternalistic and theocratic ideology. Lets hope the lessons are learned before it is too late.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Iron Metrosexual Lives in Alternate Reality

De Villepin says

"I am not sure we can call them riots"
"Nobody died"
"You can not compare this kind of social unrest with riots. There were no guns in the
streets. This was a very special movement"
"There is no ethinic and no religious basis of this movement".
"These people want to be 100% French"

I always make with the adjectives when I talk about this guy...

The unelected, narcissistic, middle-aged metrosexual nancy-boy would-be poet
"Prime Minister" of "France" with a girl's name looks like he has crossed over into a parallel reality, or done some great Eurodrugs (to go with his disco hairstyle).They are helping him maintain his most important adjectives :


(hat tip: Atlas Shrugs)


Oriana Fallaci lives. She lives passionately, definatly, brilliantly. She has lived just so since her early teens, when she fought Nazism in her native Italy during World War II.

Now she is at death's door. Cancer consumes her, she no longer eats solids. A few days ago, she presented what is probably her final speech.

With her dying breath, she continues to fight the new threat to the West as passionately as she fought Nazism and Mussolini.

She is not afraid to say

Europe is no longer Europe, it is 'Eurabia,' a colony of
Islam, where the Islamic invasion does not proceed only in a physical sense,
but also in a mental and cultural sense. Servility to the invaders has
poisoned democracy, with obvious consequences for the freedom of thought,
and for the concept itself of liberty.
Don't believe in a dialog with Islam. That's a naivete. It can only be a
monologue. They do not believe in pluralism. There is no such thing as a
"moderate Islam" and a Radical Islam. There is only one Islam.

The real enemy is Islam and the most catastrophic threat is
immigration not terror. It is immigration. And they do not integrate in
Europe. Maybe in the USA but not in Europe. Those riots in France are a
result of that very thing.

Robert Spencer of Jihadwatch was in the audience that day. Read his account of the presentation.

So was Pamela of Atlas Shrugs. She includes a great overview of Oriana's writings, history and achievements, as well as more quotes from the recent speech.

Where do we find more heroes like Oriana ? Where do we find such audacity, perspicacity and fire ? Who will rise up when she is gone?

Oriana herself is pessimistic. Ominously, she says

"I do not believe the West will win."

I pray for her miraculous recovery, for the world to finally heed her call and her error on the West's prospects.

Meanwhile, here sit many of us, anonymous bloggers and lurkers, enraged and feeling overtaken by events, afraid to put our names to our opinions. We fear losing our friends and our jobs, not to mention the safety and lives of our loved ones.We curse the MSM in impotent rage, weep at the dhimmitude of friends, workmates and family and quietly count the days down to Eurabia. And Austrabia. And Amerabia. We pretend that we are doing what we can.

I stand in awe of the courage of Oriana, Robert Spencer, Daniel Pipes, Ayaan Hirsi Ali and (thankfully !) so many others. I pray that their courage is enough, or that we find such courage of our own. Before it is too late.
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