Monday, November 28, 2005

First the Cities, then the Sentinels

Something you might not know about France:

The Religion of Peace (tm) represents up to 20% of the total strength of the Army and Navy of France. Lucky for us, while French officers suspect their Muslim soldiers of disloyalty, we have an official investigation to show us that this is Absolutely Not True. Of course, we know that we can always take the French government's word, because France is like a great courtesan of old, with her own code and honour, and not just some cheap common street whore.

Indeed, how could the Muslim fifth of the French Armed Forces be anything but ultra-nationalists when their spectacular cultural integration program is working spectacularly, as can be seen from recent spectacular acts of love, kindness, inter-racial bonding and spontaneous circle-dancing breaking out all over the urban outskirts of this happy multicultural Gallic utopia, ruled wisely by a harmlessly corrupt mastrubatocracy.

Of course, at times like these, I also like to remind everyone that their dangerously useless uber-dhimmi Prime Minister has Barry Manilow's hair, a girl's name, a taste for bad poetry (his own), and a case of narcisissm that would put a drag queen to shame. Now his boss on the other hand is just a craven slimeball. There. I feel a whole lot better now.

Jokes about cheese-eating surrender monkies aside, this means that one of the most modern, maneuverable and effective militaries in the world is well and truly on the road to perdition. Add to this the fact that France is a nuclear power with hydrogen bombs and you can feel the panic building. But that is France. What is the supposedly more sensible UK doing ?

The headline sounds great: MI5 wants 800 more spies to take on Islamic threat. There is only one little problem. Who are these spies going to be ? Yep, you guessed it. Not Copts, or Maronites or Pakistani Christians, but members of the ROP.

Imagine that. 1/5 of MI5. 1/5 of the French Military. Stuff like this could never happen in Australia, right ?

Yesterday the Federal Government announced that in an effort to counter home-grown terrorism, it would double the number of ASIO's staff to almost 2,000.And it's expected that a significant number of the new intelligence agents will come from within Australia's Muslim communities.But a former head of counter-terrorism in the Attorney-General's office says it will be no easy task recruiting and keeping high-quality agents, as Michael Vincent reports.

Eurabia gets stronger, and The Clash of civilisations just got a whole lot nastier. Austrabia sticks its ugly snout out of its oblivious adopted mother's pouch...
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